About Breakthrough Basketball

Breakthrough Basketball provides a variety of resources and information for basketball coaches, trainers, players, parents, and fans. Some of the resources include instructional DVDs, eBooks, camps, apps, newsletters, online videos, online articles, and forums.

On this site, you'll find information about virtually all aspects of basketball, with the emphasis on fundamentals, positive impact coaching, and "doing the right thing"!

Thanks to our experienced group of coaches, ranging all the way from youth coaches to the NBA, you will find new and extremely valuable information for players, parents, and coaches of all levels and ages.

We are very passionate about coaching basketball and we firmly believe that coaches have very important responsibilities and amazing opportunities to have a positive impact on their player's lives.

Too many coaches get caught up in winning only to lose sight of the bigger picture. Don't get us wrong, we're very competitive, but we never let winning take precedence over what really matters.

We are here to help you improve your basketball IQ and remind you of what's important.

Our primary objective is two fold...

  • Provide you with comprehensive resources and virtually everything you need when it comes to basketball.

  • Make a positive impact on players' lives either directly or by educating coaches and parents around the world.

Company Timeline

Breakthrough Basketball began as an online content provider -- offering drills, tips, plays, and advice for basketball coaches and players around the world.

The content was an immediate hit with coaches and players.

The first employee, Tonya Krause, is hired!

Breakthrough released their first eBook to give coaches access to helpful material with just the click of a mouse.

Breakthrough released their first instructional DVD.

A forum is added to the website where coaches, players, and parents can ask questions and interact. And the very first post gets submitted.

Breakthrough started offering skill development camps and training. The camps saw instant success and expansion began.

According to Alexa.com, Breakthrough is now the most popular basketball coaching site in the world!

The site surpasses 1 million unique visitors in 2011.

Breakthrough reaches a milestone receiving over 10,000 article comments! Excluding the spam, of course. :)

In 2013, Breakthrough released their first app, Breakthrough Stats. The app quickly climbed the Apple Store charts to as high as number 3 in the sports category.

The website surpasses over 2 million unique visitors in 2013.

Our forum exceeds more than 10,000 total questions and posts.

In 2014, Breakthrough released their Attack and Counter skilll development system.. This system has been very well received and continues to enhance players' skills.

In 2015, Breakthrough released their one-of-a-kind web-based workout app that players are able to follow along on their smartphone or mobile device.

Breakthrough also conducted over 100 camps across the United States that have resulted in a 9.1 out of 10 satisfaction rating from campers and parents.

2016 & Beyond:
Today Breakthrough has over 200,000 newsletter subscribers and millions of unique website visitors each year.

Breakthrough offers over 400 camps all across the United States to go along with dozens of eBooks and DVDs available for basketball coaches, players, and parents.

Breakthrough Basketball is still growing rapidly, hiring employees, developing new DVDs, new apps, and new tools to help basketball coaches and players.

See below to meet some of the people behind the scenes.

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The Breakthrough Basketball Team


Joe Haefner - Co-Founder & Owner

Jeff Haefner - Co-Founder & Owner

Office & Admin Team

Heather Tupper - Finance & Admin Manager | HR Associate/Administrator

Product Development Team

Dennis Haefner - Software & App Department Manager

Mark Brase - Product Development Director

Nate Sanderson - Content Developer

Will Brandt - Programmer

Scott Manderfield - Programmer

Basketball Camp Team

Dustin Pierson - President of Camp Operations

Jim Huber - Director of Coach Development, Lead Instructor

Kara Rost - Director of Camp Operations

Weslee Wilson - Customer Support Specialist & Lead Camp Clinician

Marketing Team

Diana Rich - Lead Generation Manager

Camp Instructors

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