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2018 Breakthrough Basketball Camps in Arizona

Multi-day basketball camps for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. Dedicated to building both skill and character. Over 200 spring and summer camps across the United States.

DateLocationAge LevelTypePlayer Limit
March 30-31  Phoenix, AZ7th - 12th   Ballhandling, Shooting 60 Players
May 31-June 2  Phoenix, AZ7th - 12th   Elite Guard Camp 60 Players
June 25-27  Tucson, AZ7th - 12th   Elite Guard Camp 60 Players
July 23-25  Tucson, AZ4th - 9th   Essential Skills 60 Players
March 30-31
Phoenix, AZ

7th - 12th
Ballhandling, Shooting & Decision-Making
60 Players
May 31-June 2
Phoenix, AZ

7th - 12th
Elite Guard Camp
60 Players
June 25-27
Tucson, AZ

7th - 12th
Elite Guard Camp
60 Players
July 23-25
Tucson, AZ

4th - 9th
Essential Skills
60 Players

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