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Breakthrough Basketball Camps in Nebraska

DateLocationAge LevelTypePlayer Limit
March 25-26  Omaha, NE4th - 9th   Youth Skills Complete
April 21-23  Nebraska City, NE7th - 12th   Elite Guard Camp 60 Players
May 12-14  Wayne, NE5th - 12th   Shooting Camp 60 Players
June 13-15  Fairfield, NE5th - 12th   Shooting Ballhand Full / Sold Out
June 27-29  Nebraska City, NE5th - 12th   Shooting Ballhand 60 Players
July 18-20  Wayne, NE5th - 12th   Shooting Ballhand 60 Players
August 1-3  Seward, NE5th - 12th   Shooting Camp Full / Sold Out
March 25-26
Omaha, NE

4th - 9th
Youth Skills
April 21-23
Nebraska City, NE

7th - 12th
Elite Guard Camp
60 Players
May 12-14
Wayne, NE

5th - 12th
Shooting Camp
60 Players
June 13-15
Fairfield, NE

5th - 12th
Shooting Ballhandling
Full / Sold Out
June 27-29
Nebraska City, NE

5th - 12th
Shooting Ballhandling
60 Players
July 18-20
Wayne, NE

5th - 12th
Shooting Ballhandling
60 Players
August 1-3
Seward, NE

5th - 12th
Shooting Camp
Full / Sold Out

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