Athletic Development for Basketball Players - Improve Your Strength, Conditioning, Speed and Vertical Jump!

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Athletic development is an important aspect of becoming a great basketball player. This includes your strength, conditioning, coordination, balance, speed, and agility.

Here are a few articles and videos to help improve your athleticism...

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Conditioning / Cardio

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Strength & Weight Training

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Speed & Agility Drills

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Defense Improves Agility, Conditioning, and Athletic Development

One of the best things you can do is commit to become a lockdown defender!

By focusing on defense in your team practices and off-season workouts, not only will you become a more valuable player -- you’ll also dramatically improve your agility, coordination, and conditioning!

Playing GREAT man to man defense gets in you great shape, improves your foot speed, and improves your agility. This is a very efficient way to become a great basketball player.

Start by developing your on ball defense skills with these 6 Footwork Progressions For Elite Defenders.

Then focus on locking down your opponent in full court situations. One of the simplest and best things you can do to get in shape and improve agility is the 1 on 1 Full Court Defense Drill. And when you’re in pick-up game or scrimmages, guard your player full court too.

If you have a few partners to workout out with, try the man in the hole drill... this is one of the best drills to improve your basketball conditioning!