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Throughout this section, you will find plenty of basketball tips and articles that will help you become a GREAT player. Remember, "great" is not defined by how many points you score, but by how many games you help your team win.

Why do you think people love playing with Jason Kidd? Why do you think the Olympic Committee did everything they could to get him on the squad? It's because he can help a team WIN MORE GAMES without scoring a single point. I've watched games and thought, "Man, Kidd is tearing it up." I later find out he only scored 2 points.

Not all of us can be the scorers, but you can REBOUND, TAKE CARE OF THE BALL, DEFEND, HUSTLE, and MAKE THE EASY PASS.

Take that mentality to your team and I guarantee you get more playing time and your team wins more games!

Tips to Get More Playing Time

10 Tips Guaranteed To Get You More Playing Time

Importance of Communication With Your Coach

The Philosophy That Will Guide Us..


Tips On Getting College Basketball Scholarship

Advice To Foreign Basketball Players Seeking College Scholarships in the U.S.

School and You!

Drills & Skill Workouts

100 Basketball Training Drills For Players

12 Skill Workout Plans for at Home and Gym

Athletic Development Exercises & Workouts

Shooting Tips & Articles

21 Tips to Improve Your Shooting

5 Biggest Shooting Mistakes (And how to Fix Them)

How to Get Your Shot Off Quicker Like Stephen Curry

Free Throw Shooting Article

Article about Making Lay Ups

Simple Trick to Evaluate Your Shooting Stroke and Quickly Improve

How to Shoot a Basketball Better

Simple Trick to Improve Your Shooting Confidence

Shooting Tips - Finger Placement & Analysis Paralysis

This is the Time to Improve Basketball Shooting Percentage!

What Part of The Rim To Focus On & The Guide Hand

Should You Teach Youth Players To Shoot A Basketball With Both Hands Equally?

Dribbling and Ball Handling Tips & Articles

Backup Dribble - Break Pressure With This Great Move

Change of Pace - The Secret to Chris Paul's Success"

Dribbling and Ballhandling Tips & Fundamentals

Handling Ball Screens Like Steve Nash

Ball Screen - Splitting The Hedge - Drill & Video With Manu Ginobli

Chris Paul Hesitation Move & The Importance of Counter Moves [VIDEO]

Only 4 Things You Need To Know To Be a Great Ball Handler (It's Not What You Think)

Defensive Tips & Articles

Video on Defensive Ball Pressure

10 Keys To A Great Defensive Stance

10 Tips for Taking Charging Fouls

3 Simple Tricks That Will INSTANTLY Double Your Defensive Quickness

5 Tips for Better On-The-Ball Defense

Lower Your Opponents' Shooting Percentage By 25 Percent

Defensive Tips & Fundamentals

Improving Defensive Quickness & Debunking The "Don't Cross Your Feet" Myth

Rebounding & Post Play Tips & Articles

Rebounding Fundamentals and Tips

3 Simple Steps To Improve Rebounding

How to Improve Basketball Rebounding

How to Improve Big Man Post Play

Drop Step Move - Video

Counter Drop Step Move - Video

Offensive Tips & Articles

The Original Lebron James' Scoring Mentality & The Act of Immediacy

Video of Cutting & Moving Without the Ball

Tips & Fundamentals of Guard Play

Tips & Fundamentals of Perimeter Play

The Basics of Basketball Screens

Individual Offense / Scoring Tips

Improve Your Footwork

Passing Tips & Fundamentals

How to Play Better Basketball

Offseason Tips

7 Tips For Developing Offseason Workouts

A Cheaper & More Effective Alternative to Summer Basketball Camps

Developing A Basketball Workout For High School & College Tryouts

Raja Bell Summer Basketball Workouts

NBA Player Offseason Workouts - Part 2

Leadership & Mentality

Creating Team Unity With Coach K

Time Out Please!