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Rock Solid NBA-Quality Basketball Hoops

Industrial-strength basketball hoops that are sturdy enough for the entire neighborhood to shoot, dunk and hang from.

Every component of our hoop is designed to ensure your shots, rebounds, bounces and banks all behave the same way as with high school, college and NBA baskets.

  • Built to last a lifetime.
  • Quality craftsmanship, 100% made in the USA.
  • Sleek-looking design.
  • Easiest residential hoop to install.

Whether you're looking for recreational family fun or serious competition-level basketball, we have a hoop that'll suit your needs. At affordable prices.

Strong enough for outdoor residential and institutional play.

In-Ground Adjustable Basketball Hoops

An adjustable rim height lets the whole family enjoy exercising and shooting baskets.

All in-ground hoops come with a tempered-glass backboard supported by a stable wide frame. No dead balls come off these backboards.

We offer 2 types of poles:

Offset Pole

The offset pole gives you the sturdiest hoop with extra safeguards.

Straight Pole

The straight pole gives you an NBA-quality hoop at an economical price.

Wall-Mount Basketball Hoops

Ideal for limited space where an in-ground pole is not an option.

All wall-mount basketball hoops come with a tempered-glass backboard supported by a stable wide frame. So you get precise and consistent ball performance.

We offer 2 types of wall-mount hoops:

Adjustable Wall-Mount

Adjustable rim height keeps kids and adults excited to dunk, hang and shoot baskets.

Fixed Height Wall-Mount

A well-built system gives you high-quality ball performance at our most economical price.

How to Choose a Basketball Hoop

An excellent place to start if you need help selecting the right basketball hoop for your needs.