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Coaching Basketball


As a basketball coach, you have one of the most important and exciting jobs in the world!

Think about it.

Teachers would do anything to get the enthusiasm that you get from your players. Kids actually like and want to play basketball.

Your players look up to you. They listen to you. And you have the opportunity to make a POSITIVE impact on their lives.

Bottom line. You have a very important and rewarding job!

In this section of our website, we'll be covering a variety of coaching tactics, philosophies, and concepts that will help you become a better basketball coach.

So let's get to it!

Basketball Coaching Philosophy

Establishing Your Philosophy and Priorities

Want to Win More Basketball Games? You Need Be Great At 3 Things!!

Don Kelbick Interview that All Coaches Should Hear

The Problems With American Basketball

Should We Teach Basketball Skills To Players Under the Age of 10?

Could 3 on 3 Basketball Be the Best for Youth Players?

What's Wrong With Youth Basketball Leagues?

When Did Steve Nash Start Playing Basketball?

The Most Important Aspect of Coaching & Leadership - Being a Good Role Model

The 9 Most Important Questions for Every Basketball Coach. Ignore Them at your Peril.

Do You Yell At Referees?

Should You Remove Competition When Teaching

Developing Team Chemistry and Improving Teamwork

Creating Team Unity With Coach K

Drastically Improve Teamwork & Unselfishness With This Stat (Not An Assist)

Importance of Communication With Your Coach & How It Helped the Villanova Wildcats Reach the Final Four

How To Improve Team Bonding and Teach Life Lessons

Chemistry - Fostering Teamwork

Developing a Team Covenant

Teamwork On Offense

Motivating Players

The Ultimate Guide to Motivating Players

Establishing Discipline and Getting More From Your Players

Four Great Ways To Keep Your Team's Attention

10 Tips to Keep Players Focused, Motivated, and Playing Hard

Offseason Motivation & Developing Passion For Youth Basketball Players

Working With Players

Communicating With Your Players

8 Ways to Earn Your Player's Trust

Missing High School Open Gyms For AAU Basketball - Join the discussion.


Basketball Scholarship Tips

Advice To Foreign Basketball Players Seeking College Scholarships in the U.S.


The Most Important Aspect of Coaching & Leadership - Being a Good Role Model

Why It is Good to be a Salesman When Coaching Basketball

How Do You Always Keep a Positive Attitude as a Coach?

2 Simple Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Your Players' Lives

How to Become a Better Leader

Coaching Strategy and Tactics

Focusing on the Fundamentals

Do You Make This Mistake? Basketball Stats Can be Deceiving...

Get More Rebounds and Win More Games

3 Things We Can Learn From The "WILDCAT" Offense

Tips On Becoming a College Coach

Shooting Tips for Coaches

Basketball Statistics - Using Stats for Better Coaching & Player Development

Handling Practices

Simple Tricks to Optimize Basketball Practice Time and Get More Done

Coaching Youth Basketball with Limited Time (1 Practice a Week)

Try Out Drills

Tips For Running Drills Effectively

Time Management Tips

Establishing Discipline

Build a Master Practice Schedule

Creating Practice Plans

Game Strategy and Situations

Handling Game Situations - 15 Strategies

Do You Sub To Keep Your Players Fresh And Out Of Foul Trouble?

Do You Have a Three Point Defense?

Do You Take A Player Out Of The Game If You Are Shooting Free Throws Late?

Do You Run "Situations" as Part of Your Daily Practice Plan?

Advanced Game Strategies - Get an Edge

Time Out Please!

Scouting Your Opponents

Off Season Strategy & Planning

Basketball Season Is Over - 15 Surefire Coaching Tips to Make Next Season More Successful!

How To Prepare Offseason Coaching Meetings

Off Season Shooting Trick: This is When You Improve Your Team's Shooting Percentage

Offseason Motivation & Developing Passion For Youth Basketball Players

Offseason Tips For Players

7 Tips For Developing Offseason Workouts

A Cheaper & More Effective Alternative to Summer Basketball Camps

Preseason Coaching Tips
Chapter 1 - Putting Together Your Play Book (Choosing Your Offense & Defense)
Chapter 2 - Build Your Master Practice Schedule
Chapter 3 - Creating Practice Plans
Chapter 4 - Developing A Pre-Season Workout Program
Chapter 5 - Time Management Tips: How Do You Find Time To Teach Everything?
Chapter 6 - Getting Your Players Off To A Good Start and Excited For The New Season

Mental Aspects of Basketball

Watch What You Teach

Breaking Shooting Slumps

Visualization: How You Can Improve Without Touching a Basketball!

Understanding the Law of Attraction and How It can Improve Your Game & Your Life

How To Get Tiger's Mental Toughness

Building Team Mental Toughness - Are You Doing This?

The Original Lebron James' Scoring Mentality & The Act of Immediacy

Managing Your Program

Dealing with Parents - 19 Surefire Strategies to Avoid Problems

How Do You Deal With An Assistant Coach Who Oversteps Their Bounds?

How To Prepare Offseason Coaching Meetings

Fundraising Ideas

Offensive Strategy

Motion Offense - Getting Post Players the Ball

The Easy Way to Teach Basketball Offense - Great article and time saving tips!!

Lower Offensive Turnovers

Teamwork On Offense

Bobby Knight's Simple Offense Tip On Screens & Why You May Never Use Down Screens Again

3 Simple Strategies to Attack a Zone Defense

3 Unorthodox Ways to Score in Transition

Basketball Press Break - How to Break a Press

The 5 Offensive Strategies that ALL Coaches Should Employ

Defensive Strategy

For The Frustrated Coaches That Turn to Zone Defense

What Is The Right Age To Focus On Wins and Losses and Start Playing Zone?

How To React to the Defense Trapping Ball Screens

Get More Rebounds and Win More Games

Player Development

Developing A Basketball Workout For High School & College Tryouts

How To Develop Smart Basketball Players

Shooting - What Part of The Rim To Focus On & The Guide Hand - Unorthodox tips and advice from Don Kelbick.

Off Season Shooting Trick: This is When You Improve Your Team's Shooting Percentage

4 Skill Development Techniques that Few Coaches are Aware Of

Working With Youth Players

What To Teach Youth Players? (Ages 7 to 14)

Sample Practice for Youth - Ages 7 to 10

Sample Practice for Youth - Ages 11 to 14

Important Lesson For Youth Basketball Coaches

Should Youth Coaches AVOID Plays and Patterned Offenses?

When Did Steve Nash Start Playing Basketball?

Questions & Answers

If you have any basketball related questions submit your question in the appropriate area of our forum. A group of experienced coaches monitor the forum and answer questions.

Youth Coaching Questions

Advanced Coaching Questions (13 Years and Up)