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Breakthrough Stats App
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Track Live Basketball Statistics, Scores and Shot Charts on Your iPad

Breakthrough Stats - Track Live Basketball Statistics, Scores and Shot Charts on Your iPad and iPhone

Track LIVE GAME stats and shot charts for a single player, entire team, or multiple teams. Track as little or as much as you want - instantly calculate up to 65 basketball statistics that would take hours without automation -- points in paint, lay up %, EFG%, bad passes, and more.

Designed for coaches, parents, fans, statisticians, and players. Minimal touches allow for easy data capture. Innovative player substitution allows you to sub players faster than other apps. Easily undo and delete mistakes. Export and email stats per game, team, league, season, or date range (to PC or Mac).

Parents can easily track an individual player's stats with streamlined single player input -- and view player efficiency ratings to help identify weaknesses and make improvements.

Coaches can view specialized reports (like the Key Game Stats Report) to help make quick game decisions and easily see where the competition is getting the advantage.

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List of App Features

General Features

  • Easy data capture
  • Optionally track shot locations
  • Track multiple seasons
  • Track multiple leagues
  • Track as little or as much as you want
  • Track team or individual
  • Track one team or both teams
  • Game clock (can be turned off)
  • Scoreboard
  • Enter/Sort players by name or number
  • On screen player statistics for fouls and points
  • Game and team rules allow unique customization per user
  • Online help
  • Play by play log
  • Edit/undo statistics live or after the game
  • Home & away jersey numbers
  • Track who is in the game, allow substitutions
  • Easy, on the fly, substitutions
  • Adjust score during game
  • Adjust clock during game
  • Adjust fouls during game
  • Track time-outs
  • Track team fouls
  • Track jump ball possession
  • Show bonus or double bonus on scoreboard
  • Automatic stop clock on turnovers, jump ball and timeouts
  • Automatic adjustment of 2 & 3 point shots
  • Easily move (drag) shot location after the fact
  • Optional second player event, like turnover after steal
  • Enter putbacks which automatically records rebound and shot
  • Optionally track turnover types
  • Optionally track foul types
  • Optionally track playing time
  • Allow assigning a stat to a team instead of a player, such as, a team rebound

Report Features

  • View reports at any time
  • View reports for team or individual player
  • Statistics by game
  • Statistics for multiple games (totals or averages)
  • Statistics by season (totals or averages)
  • Play by play
  • Email reports as PDF or CSV
  • Detailed game statistics report
  • Key game statistics report (for coaches)
  • Shot Chart (by team or player)
  • Shot Zones (by team or player)
  • Running score
  • Turnover types
  • Foul Types
  • MaxPreps interface

Statistics You Can Track

  • 2 point, 3 point & free throws made, attempted and %
  • Field goals made, attempted and %
  • Effective field goal percentage (EFG%)
  • Rebounds - offensive, defensive & total
  • Offensive rebounding percentage (ORB%)
  • Defensive rebounding percentage (DRB%)
  • Layups made, attempted, and %
  • Points in the paint
  • Assists
  • Steals
  • Blocks
  • Deflections
  • Take charge
  • Rushed shot
  • Turnovers
  • Forced turnovers
  • Turnover types - bad pass, lost ball, travel, etc.
  • Fouls - clocking, hand check, flagrant, etc.
  • Foul types
  • Player fouled
  • Forced jump ball
  • Jump ball victim
  • Deflection victim
  • Block victim
  • Recoveries
  • Minutes played
  • Turnover points
  • Points Per Possession (PPP)
  • Danny Miles Value Point System (VPS)
  • Player Efficiency rating
  • Plus/minus rating

Customizable Game and Team Rules

  • Number of periods
  • Minutes per period
  • Overtime length
  • Number of 60 & 30 second time-outs
  • Select when or if to reset time-outs
  • Number of time-outs per overtime period
  • Number of fouls for bonus & double bonus
  • Enable/disable 3 point shots
  • # of fouls to foul out
  • Display or hide game clock
  • Track turnover types
  • Track foul types
  • Track playing time
  • Record shot locations
  • Ask for steal victim
  • Ask for who caused closely guarded turnover
  • Ask for who was fouled
  • Ask for jump ball victim
  • Ask for block victim
  • Ask for deflection victim
  • Select on court player sort order
  • Select player statistics scoreboard sort order

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