Newsletter 94 – New Multi-Option Sideline Out of Bounds Play, New Sideline Out of Bounds Play, Skill Development Workout Tips, Basketball Camps, and More

By Joe Haefner

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New Multi-Option Sideline Out of Bounds Play
The following sideline out of bounds play is a great option to use as a quick hitter. In just a few quick steps you can go from in bounding the ball on the sideline to scoring on the low block or with a short jump shot…

New Favorite Passing Drill for Our Youth Team – From Jeff Haefner’s Coaching Blog
Here’s a passing drill we have been using with my daughter’s youth team. I also plan to use it with my high school team as a passing and conditioning drill. It’s called…

How To Teach During A Skill Development Workout
There is more to being a skill development coach than just putting together some drills and giving players a workout. You hear and read all the time about what a coach must bring to every…

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