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February 2016 – The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

Basketball Coaching Tips, Training Tips, and Strategy

4 Must-Have Finishing Moves

4 Must-Have Finishing Moves Unless you’re 6’6 with a 40 inch vertical, you will need to develop a few crafty finishing moves. As you progress through high school and college, players get much taller, longer, and more athletic. This makes it more difficult to finish around the basket. Here are four must-have finishing moves taught […]

Gates Dribbling Drill – Rewards Great Offense and Defense

Gates Dribbling Drill – Rewards Great Offense and Defense This competitive drill doubles as both a dribbling and defensive 1-on-1 drill. It rewards ball handlers for good dribbling habits. Habits like dribbling in straight lines, attacking the defender’s hip, and being efficient with the dribble. It also rewards good defense. If you can keep the…

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