Newsletter 71 – 2 Ways To Improve Free Throw Shooting During Games, New Full Court Press Breaker Play, Don’t Make Youth Basketball Gross, and More

By Joe Haefner

Here is newsletter 71.

2 Ways To Improve Free Throw Shooting During Games
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Please Don’t Make Youth Basketball Gross!
Sometimes we youth coaches watch professional basketball so much that we confuse that with what we do. Professional basketball is mostly about winning — and it should be. After all, at that level, while basketball may still look like a game, in reality it is a…

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Please Don’t Make Youth Basketball Gross!

By Joe Haefner

This is an article that we’re reposting that was written by Tom Pittman in the year 2010.  We think the message is great!


Sometimes we youth coaches watch professional basketball so much that we confuse that with what we do.

Professional basketball is mostly about winning — and it should be. After all, at that level, while basketball may still look like a game, in reality it is a business, and people’s livelihoods are affected by the wins and loses. Consequently, pro basketball coaches coach to win, and while it is a shame Adam Morrison barely got off the Lakers‘ bench last year en route to a championship, or the Utah Jazz let go of Sundiata Gaines, the hero of their victory over LeBron James last year, that’s the business of basketball. It’s about winning, and the players are just a means to an end.

But youth basketball is not about business, it’s about the kids.

Let me say that again because that is a huge difference between the basketball we watch on TV, and the basketball we coaches coach: youth basketball is not about the wins, it is about the kids.

Sure, winning is still the object of the game for youth basketball, but it isn’t the REASON for it.

And youth coaches who don’t get that remind me of the coach in the movie, The Karate Kid. And like the movie, these coaches tend to produce kids with warped values when it comes to sports. And unfortunately, there are enough people with warped values involved with sports that it confuses young athletes.

When coaching youth, it is important for youth coaches (and parents too for that matter) to remember that the meat and potatoes of youth basketball are the kids — building their skills, knowledge, confidence, and love of the game — and winning is gravy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love gravy, but gravy on its own without meat and potatoes is actually pretty gross.

And not very filling.

Yes, it’s all basketball, and winning is always the object of the game, but it’s not the object of the sport itself.

The different levels of basketball have different reasons to exist, reasons coaches need to accept that while it is all basketball, the different levels it is played at have different purposes.

  • Youth basketball is about building skills, knowledge, confidence, and a love of the game in kids.
  • High school basketball is about player development, including character development, team loyalty, representing your school, etc.
  • College basketball is about the big dance. Just getting to the NCAA championship tournament is a legitimate accomplishment in college basketball, especially since there are great deal more college teams than the 30 teams the NBA has. And reaching the “Sweet 16,” “Elite Eight,” or “Final Four” is so legit, it actually goes on coaches’ and players’ resumes.
  • NBA basketball, as we’ve already discussed is about winning, and people’s livelihoods depend on it.
  • D-League basketball, however, is a different animal. Like the NBA, fans love the high level of play in the NBADL, and the passion players play with for meager paychecks, but what fans really love is when players get called up to the NBA.

And the better a player does in the NBA, the cooler his former d-league team is. Then a fan can say, “I saw Fesenko play when he was with the Utah Flash.”

And even cooler is when d-league teams are generous with player access, then a fan can say, “I visited with Fesenko a few times when he was with the Flash. See? Here’s a photo of the two of us together.”

But the point is, just because it’s all basketball, that doesn’t mean it all serves the same purpose. Just as the difference between self-defense and murder comes down to the reason, so too do reasons make basketball different at its different levels.

So youth coaches, remember to serve the meat and potatoes before the gravy, and make Mr. Miyagi (and Mr. Han) proud. :-)


You can read more of Tom’s stuff at

Be More Efficient With Your Time Watching Videos – Watch YouTube Videos At Faster and Slower Speeds with HTML5

By Joe Haefner

Check out these new great tools to help you watch videos and be more efficient with your time.

Watching videos at faster speeds is especially helpful if you are already familiar with the topic or listening to a slow speaker. For me, it’s very useful when I watch basketball instructional videos.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to dissect a play, offense, or defense, you can also watch it at slower speeds.

You simply login to your YouTube account, then click on this link to activate HTML5. You will see at the bottom of the instructions on the page, a link to activate HTML5.

For some reason, I’ve only been able to get this feature to work with the Google Chrome browser.

When you’re viewing the video, in the lower right-hand corner, there is a little wheel with spokes that you can click on to change the video quality and playback speed.


Hopefully, this tool will help you be more efficient with your time!



Illinois Game-Winner Versus Indiana

By Joe Haefner

Check out Illinois’s game-winning play versus Indiana:

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