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May 2010 – The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

Basketball Coaching Tips, Training Tips, and Strategy

When & How Do You Promote Selfishness?

Extreme selfishness is not a quality you want with your players. Sometimes, selfishness can destroy a team full of great individuals. Most coaches experience these type of players and have developed good tactics to handle them and promote team unity. But coaches also come across players that are too unselfish. Too unselfish to the point […]

Should You Remove Competition When Teaching?

Here is an excerpt from the FAQ section of the Post Player Development book by Don Kelbick. What about practicing post moves with a defense? I’ve read that players need less 1-on-0 and more 1-on-1 and situational drills. Once they have a base for some moves, they need to practice those moves against competition. Otherwise, […]

School and You

Here is another guest blog by our coaching friend Bud Leonard. You will often hear stories of “student athletes” on the radio or TV. There are many stories written about “student athletes” in the newspaper and in magazines such as Sports Illustrated. You may even hear stories about “student athletes” in everyday conversation. There is […]

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