New Article (VIDEOS) – Early Specialization & Playing Multiple Sports With Pete Carroll, Dom Starsia, and Bob Braman

By Joe Haefner

If you’ve been reading articles at Breakthrough Basketball for any length of time, you probably have heard us say that athletes at the youth level, and at least through the junior varsity level, need to stay involved in multiple sports to become better athletes.

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NEW Book – Pro Coach Reveals Simplified Process to Develop Post and Perimeter Players

By Jeff Haefner

We released a new Post Development and Footwork book with 2 SPECIAL offers only available THIS WEEK…

You can check out the new Book and special offers here:

Those of you that have been follow us for a while know that we have never said anything like this before…

But for the first time, we must tell you that every single coach at every level should get this book for the footwork explanations alone.  The way Don Kelbick simplifies the complex art of post play and footwork is unparalleled.

The footwork (along with many of the concepts in the book) applies to all positions, not just the post.  And as you’ve probably heard from Don, Jeff, Joe, and many other coaches… FOOTWORK is arguably the most important skill for players to learn.

Yet, most coaches don’t understand what footwork really is or how to teach it…

Well, Don has illustrated and explained footwork and how to teach it brilliantly.  This is something that ALL coaches should learn.  We can’t emphasize enough how much we recommend that you learn Don’s unique ways to teach footwork.

This applies to youth coaches, point guards, female athletes, male athletes, and everyone.

So be sure to check out this new book and take advantage of the special offers you have available this week:

Hard copies are now available.

Free PDF Report – “The Ultimate Guide to Motivating Players – 35 Ways to Keep Players Working Hard”

By Jeff Haefner

According to coaches that subscribe to our newsletter, one of the BIGGEST challenges they face is motivating players on a consistent basis!

We all know it can be extremely difficult to get players to stay focused and work hard the entire season.

Yet, player motivation can have a dramatic effect on your success…

By effectively motivating your players, they will learn MUCH faster, win more games, learn life lessons, improve skills faster, have more fun, and become better players & people.

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