"20 FREE Basketball Tips, Tricks, and Secrets - for Youth and Advanced Basketball Players"

Written by NBA Player Development Coach - Don Kelbick
Dear Basketball Player,

We're excited to announce that we're giving away a FREE eBook that will teach you how to get more playing time, improve skills, and become a better basketball player!

This is a rare and important opportunity for most players because the eBook was written by Don Kelbick, an NBA player development coach that works with players like Raja Bell, Bruce Bowen, Carlos Arroyo, Rasual Butler, and many other college and NBA players!

Don uses very unique and out-of-the-box tactics to develop and train basketball players. His overall knowledge of the game is extraordinary!!

What will you get from this 20 page ebook?

In this ebook, Don Kelbick provides powerful tips and answers the top 20 questions that we hear from basketball players...

  1. How can I get myself out of a shooting slump?

  2. How do I become a better 3-point shooter?

  3. How can I become a "clutch" foul shooter?

  4. How can I feel more comfortable dribbling against pressure?

  5. How can I better apply my drill work in games?

  6. If I only have an hour, what should I practice?

  7. I get really nervous before games, how can I feel more comfortable?

  8. I work hard in practice but the coach doesn't seem to notice me. How can I get the coach to notice me and get more playing time?

  9. How do I get my shot off quicker?

  10. I am usually the smallest player on the court, how do I play against bigger players?

  11. How can I figure out what a good shot is?

  12. What is the most effective way to play against defenses designed to stop good shooters (such as man to man chaser or a box and 1)?

  13. How can I defend someone who is much quicker than me?

  14. How can I avoid getting trapped with the ball?

  15. How can I get my teammates to pass me the ball?

  16. If I want to improve, how often should I practice and how often should I play?

  17. What can I do to become more explosive?

  18. At what age should I start to weight train?

  19. What type of weight training is best for basketball?

  20. How can I get recruited to play in college?

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