Newsletter 93 – New Speed Ladder Dribbling Series, Developing A Hardworking Team, Sports Psychology, Basketball Camps, and More

By Joe Haefner

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New Video – Speed Ladder Dribbling Series
The following ladder dribbling drills are great for warming up and they are a fun way to develop your feel for the basketball. These drills force the player to control their dribble as they go through the ladder…

3 Simple Principles For Sports Psychology and Children
Preparing a child mentally for sports is just as important as the focus on developing their skills. Applying a few simple principles during your time as a coach or mentor will help make their enjoyment of the game of basketball a success now and in the future…

Day 2 – Developing a “Hard Working” Team – From Jeff Haefner’s Coaching Blog
After our first practice, it’s clear that players don’t understand what “hard working” means. I think many of them are trying. But they don’t know what it takes yet. So here’s what I did on our second day of practice and a possible idea on how you can develop “hard working” players…

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