Newsletter 67 – Competitive Perimeter Scoring Drill, New Fast Break Offense, and Tip On How To Motivate Players

By Joe Haefner

Video Icon How To Motivate & Encourage Players (Great for High School and College Players Too!)
In this video, Bob Bigelow explains some great tips to help encourage and motivate players.

Paul Westhead’s Loyola Maramount Fast Break and Transition Offense
The “Loyola Marymount” break was developed by Paul Westhead. Coach Westhead developed a reputation as a free thinker throughout his coaching career. While at…

Video Icon NEW 1 on 1 Multi-Spot Drill – Improve Your Scoring and Ability To Get Open
Improve your ability to get open, shoot, use proper footwork, make lay ups, drive to the basket, make moves on the perimeter, and finish in the paint. This drill will also improve your…

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By Joe Haefner

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