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May 2008 – The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

Basketball Coaching Tips, Training Tips, and Strategy

The Easy Way to Teach Basketball Offense

Coaches constantly complain that they can’t get their players to remember their plays. They want an easy basketball offense. Over and over again I hear, “My guys are thick. I can’t get them to remember anything.” Once in a while I might hear, “How can I teach my offense better?”, but I don’t hear it often […]

Basketball Weak Side Defense and Help Positioning is Important!

We posted a NEW article about basketball defensive positioning and weak side help.  Everybody knows that guarding the ball is important, but GREAT defense happens AWAY from the ball… Weak side help positioning is critically important for your defense.  In this new article we review key elements to proper positioning and provide you with some simple rules that […]

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