How To Defend & Stop The Dribble Drive Offense

By Ken Sartini

The dribble drive has been quite the craze over the last few years. Due to its success, we often receive questions on how to defend the dribble drive offense.

The coaches that I have been talking to regarding defending the dribble drive are saying….

  • PRESSURE the heck out of the ball.
  • Switch all hand offs.
  • Have GREAT help D.
  • Or play a 3-2 zone.

As for me ( not ever playing against it ) my brain tells me to..

  • Pressure the ball.
  • Play them as physical as they will allow.
  • Force the ball to one side and keep it there.
  • Trap any hand offs to disrupt the flow of the offense.
  • Have GREAT help defense and force them to beat you from the perimeter.

My Plan B would be to play our match up, not allowing penetration and forcing them to beat me with the 3 ball.

We want to share and learn from each other. So please let us know your experiences, suggestions, & thoughts for defending the dribble drive offense.

Developing better basketball players (America needs more teaching from coaches)

By Jeff Haefner

I came across this article by Jay Bilas. It’s a really good article that I think parents and youth coaches should read.

If you want your child and/or players to get better, you should be aware of what Jay Bilas says in this article:

He makes a really good point about the difference between “teaching” and “coaching” — and that America needs more ‘teaching’ from its coaches.