Building Team Mental Toughness – Are You Doing This?

By Joe Haefner

Use this great rule for your team that I picked up from Alan Stein:

Do not allow players to bend over and put their hands on their knees when they’re tired. If so, discipline with some conditioning.

Have you ever tried this when you’re tired? It’s tough, and it’s supposed to be. This little intangible will help tremendously in building your team’s mental toughness.

Not to mention, it messes with the opposing team’s psyche if you never look like you’re tired.

Inside Peak Into NEW Online Coaching Clinics (Video)

By Joe Haefner

Check out this video that gives you an inside peak into our NEW online coaching clinics.

NEW Online Coaching Clinics – Video, Audio, Drills, Plays, & More

By Joe Haefner

You can now view our Online Coaching Clinics.

Each clinic will feature one successful coach and contain:

- Video of an actual clinic

- Audio interview covering the coach’s keys to success

- Diagrams of his favorite plays and drills

- And more

If you are interested, click here to learn more:

NEW Baseline Out of Bounds Basketball Play From Bulls-Magic Game

By Joe Haefner

Take a look at this new baseline out of bounds play that I picked from the end of the Chicago Bulls – Orlando Magic game on 1/2/2010.

BLOB – Bulls / Magic

NEW “3-Man Side Series” Basketball Plays

By Joe Haefner

Take a look at the new plays for 3-man that can be used as entry into any offense. It works great for the motion offense as well: 3-Man Side Series

4 Ball Handling Tips from the Nike National Skills Academy (VIDEO)

By Joe Haefner

This is a short video taken from the Nike National Skills Academy. Kevin Eastman who is an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics is shown throughout the video. If you look closely, you’ll also notice players like Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose, Sherron Collins, and other great players from their high school days that are currently at the collegiate level and in the NBA.

4 Ball Handling Tips From the Video:

1. Hold position, be strong

Too often, many players let a little contact throw them off their game. The first drill in the video is meant to get players to handle the ball and maintain their ground through contact.

2. Crossover outside your knee

In the video, Coach Eastman says to cross outside your knee to keep it more game-like. It’s crucial to do this, because it keeps the ball away from the defender after you cross over.

3. Use eyes to sell fakes

Eyes up to shot fake – Before you shoot the ball, you usually look at the rim. By looking at the rim, this helps sell your shot fake because the defensive player thinks you are about to shoot. When I played, I rarely pump faked. I aggressively set my feet, focused on the rim, and put the ball in shooting position. By putting the ball in my shooting position and aggressively setting my feet, I could often drive by defenders, because they would often close out too hard or jump because it looked like I was going to shoot. If they did not close out hard, I pulled up for the jump shot.

Eyes down to shoot – If you put your eyes down, the defensive player thinks you are going to drive and that may cause the defender to give you some cushion which opens up the jump shot.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

In order to get better, it’s crucial to challenge yourself and make mistakes. To me, this is one of the biggest problems with youth and high school players. Too many players are worried about how they look when they practice. That was one of my biggest problems in high school as well. I didn’t like to make mistakes, so I never pushed myself outside of my comfort zone.

If you practice only things that are comfortable, then you will never improve very much.


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