September 2011

Maccabi USA Pan American Games

Coaching jobs are hard to come by, at any level, anywhere. I feel so fortunate and honored to be selected to the staff of the Maccabi USA Open Pan American team, along with Stu Wittner, former Head Coach at Pace University and Steve Rosner, who made his name as the agent for some of the biggest names in sports. We will be competing in the Maccabi Pan American Games in Sao Paulo, Brazil from Dec. 24 to Jan 2.

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Basketball In Anguilla

BASKETBALL IN ANGUILLA I have a great interest in helping basketball grow, wherever the seeds are sewn. I made a trip to Anguilla to help some very dedicated people try to realize their goal of making basketball matter here. Anguilla is a very small island, located about 200 miles east of Puerto Rico, in the

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