Who Beat Coach K to 1,000 Wins & How This Can Help You Win More Games & Reduce Parent Problems

By Joe Haefner

Who Beat Coach K to 1,000 Wins & How This System Can Help You Win More Games and Reduce Parent Problems

Coach K got his 1,000th win! An amazing feat and he will certainly go down as one of the best coaches ever. While Coach K is certainly a great coach and there are many things to emulate about the way he conducts himself and interacts with players, it could be a bad idea to

Coach Sar Passed Away

By Joe Haefner

I am very saddened and sorry to report that Ken Sartini “Coach Sar” passed away at 10:15 AM CT today on January 21st, 2015.

Coach Sar was one of the best guys I knew. He would commit countless hours every week just to helping people on our website. Helping people he never knew or met.

Ken2 - Copy

That’s why you see Coach Sar all over our comment and forum boards.

His help went above and beyond basketball. He taught people how to communicate and how to treat other people with respect.

He taught people how to be kind, hard-working, and live with integrity.

Ken1 - Copy

In addition to being a great guy, he was also quite funny and the story teller. He was once told on one of his forum posts that he put the “Sar” in sarcasm. Coach Sar always laughed about that one.

I also have to share some of his posts. You will find tons of funny comments and statements like these all over the site.

Story #1 – Where’d My Dentures Go!

Source: http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=227&p=775

“Thats the great thing about working with kids… you never know what they are going to say.

Before I became the Varsity coach the guy there had an upper set of teeth…. one game he yelled so hard that he spit his teeth out on the floor.. he grabbed them quickly and shoved them back into his mouth… THE WRONG WAY.. he bit himself LOL

The next day in practice the entire team was standing on the end line as he was talking… all of a sudden what appears? (NO not tiny reindeer) one of those chattering teeth toys….. everybody roared!

We have to sell our philosophy to the kids, they have to believe in you… and I don’t care what you are selling… until they know that you really CARE about them you are wasting your breath.”

Story #2 – Player Spits Water On My Face!

Source: http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=1110&p=6978

“One game we were down by 2 – 84′ away and 7 seconds on the clock…. I wasn’t happy that my center called a TO because now I have to come up with something for them… my assistane was laughing… so they come to the bench. I am diagramming something for them… something we do every day… and this kid in front of me chokes on a cup of water and spits in right in my face. All the kids are looking at me for a reaction…. I wiped my face and tie off… looked down at the posey board and looked at them and said…. ” I didn’t think the play was that bad. ” They burst out laughing and were still laughing as they went on the floor… we ran the play, hit a 3 at the buzzer and win by 1. Great coaching huh! Its all about them being loose, you might try having someone spit some water on you / just kidding LOL”

Coach Sar, your legacy will live on forever through the lives that you touched.
You will be deeply missed, but remembered with great joy.




Ken Sartini AKA Coach Sar In Hospice

By Joe Haefner

We wanted to give you a heads up that our dear friend and colleague Ken Sartini AKA “Coach Sar” is in hospice.


For those of you familiar with our website, you’ve probably seen thousands of comments and posts from Coach Sar.

Coach Sar has had a tremendous positive impact on thousands of players, parents, and coaches.

If Coach Sar has helped you directly or indirectly in some way… could you either leave a comment at the bottom of this article. Please let him know how he’s positively affected you.

Or if you prefer facebook, leave a comment at the following link:


I want to send this to him in the next day with tons of good vibes!

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How To Accelerate and Simplify Player Development To Win More Games

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We are extending the discount for Don Kelbick’s Attack and Counter Skill Development System to Tuesday, October 14th.

This product release has doubled our previous record and could triple or quadruple by the time everything is done.  Due to this, we have had more questions than normal. And we haven’t been able to answer all of them yet.


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Kobe Revealed To A Group Of Teens His Biggest Secret To Being Unstoppable. And It’s Genius.

When I read about Kobe talking about some of his “secrets”, my ears certainly perked up. I’m sure yours did too…


NEW Attack and Counter Skill Development System -
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It’s a unique and comprehensive system that simplifies the game for players at all levels and all positions. As the name implies, it’s based on an “attack” and then “counter” philosophy.

It will improve your shooting, ballhandling, footwork, perimeter moves, post moves, finishing, aggressiveness, quickness, confidence, mentality, and your all-around game!

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