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Newsletter No. 94
New Multi-Option Sideline Out of Bounds Play
The following sideline out of bounds play is a great option to use as a quick hitter. In just a few quick steps you can go from in bounding the ball on the sideline to scoring on the low block or with a short jump shot...

New Favorite Passing Drill for Our Youth Team - From Jeff Haefner's Coaching Blog
Here’s a passing drill we have been using with my daughter's youth team. I also plan to use it with my high school team as a passing and conditioning drill. It’s called...

How To Teach During A Skill Development Workout
There is more to being a skill development coach than just putting together some drills and giving players a workout. You hear and read all the time about what a coach must bring to every...

24+ Ball Handling and Skills Camps For Youth and Middle School Players

During the spring and summer, we are hosting at least 24 ball handling and skills camp all over the country for youth and middle school players. We will have two sessions at each location. One for 2nd to 4th graders and another for 5th to 8th graders.

If you are serious about getting better, you can view all of the locations and the entire camp schedule at this link:

Each camp has limited spots available (to ensure high repetitions) and some locations will fill up quickly. Be sure to get registered soon to claim your spot.

You will go through a variety of ball handling, passing, footwork, and lay up drills that will greatly improve you as player.