Top Surgeon Says Too Much Specialization In Youth Sports Causing Injuries

By Joe Haefner

Here is a great article about top surgeon Dr. James Andrews. In the article, he talks about too much specialization in youth sports causing overuse injuries and how the rate of injuries over the past 13 years has increased dramatically.

Dr. Andrews has worked on athletes such as Robert Griffin III, Adrian Peterson, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, and many more.

Newsletter 72 – Essential Drills For Player Development, 1 on 1 Competitive Perimeter Play Drill, and 2 Day Sale on 30 Competitive Drills

By Joe Haefner

Check out Newsletter 72

Do You Use These Essential Drills For Player Development
With the offseason here, it’s time to get in the gym and get better! Most people are well aware of the typical skill drills that you can perform in the gym by yourself or with a rebounder. However, there are other types of drills that people often forget…

Competitive 1 on 1 Drill To Improve Perimeter Play
Check out this great drill used to improve scoring, cutting, footwork, finishing, speed & agiilty, and much more….

For 2 Days, Save 25% on 30 Competitive Skill Development Drills DVD
These 30 competitive drills are great for offseason workouts or team practices. There is no doubt that these drills are great for turning your players into great game performers.

New Breakthrough Basketball Stats App for iPad

By Joe Haefner

We recently released our brand new Breakthrough Stats App for iPad.

iPhone capability is coming soon!

Did you see the frenzy?

On Thursday, the Breakthrough Stats App sky-rocketed up to #2 on the Top Paid Apps list for the Sports category in the iTunes store. Thank you for contributing to this and creating the huge buzz.  We are truly humbled.

We also received some great instant feedback and one person wrote…

“I like the advanced stats that only you provide and the simple user interface. It is a great value for the app. Others are around $20 or more.”

More information on the Stats App

The app is designed for coaches, parents, and statisticians. It will allow you to…

  • Track LIVE stats during a game.
  • View key game stats after each quarter and at half time (effective field goal %, field goal attempts, free throw %, free throw attempts, turnovers, offensive reb %, etc).
  • Make objective adjustments during the game and get an edge on the competition.
  • Instantly calculate over 65 basketball statistics that would be almost impossible to do without automation — paint attempts, lay up %, EFG%, bad passes, player efficiency, and many more.
  • Export statistics reports to PDF, Excel, CSV (for PC or Mac).
  • Get critical stats that other apps are lacking.
  • Easily create clean looking shot charts and track lay ups.
  • Easily calculate your season totals — just a couple taps. This saves lots of time because the old fashioned method takes hours.
  • Easily look up the stats for past games and keep all your stats in one easy to use place.
  • And much more

Stats App Picture - Enable Images to View Picture of the App

Visit this link to purchase the stats app in the iTunes store:

The current version of Breakthrough Stats runs on the iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 and the iPad Mini. Our next version will add functionality so it can run on the iPhone too.