Newsletter 58 – New Videos, New Ray Allen Shooting Drill, New Competitive Fast Break Drill, Breakthrough Basketball Camps, and More

By Joe Haefner

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Ray Allen Shooting Drill – Video
Competitive One on One Fast Break Drills – 1v1 Attack
New Double Ball Screen Play With Multiple Scoring Options From Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks
6 Zone Defense Tips
Breakthrough Basketball Skills Camps – Attack and Counter

Sold Out Boston And Chicago “Attack and Counter” Basketball Skills Camps Are Huge Successes

By Joe Haefner

The first two “Attack and Counter” Basketball Clinics of the season were huge successes.

In the suburban city of Winchester, Mass., Don Kelbick welcomed players who traveled as much as 10 hours to learn footwork and skills. Players came from as far away as Winnipeg, Canada. In all, 6 states and 3 countries were represented in the sold out, 3 day clinic. Many thanks to Bob Bigelow, Ido Singer and Matt Azzaro for their help in making the camp a success.

Outside Chicago, the Libertyville Sports Complex hosted the clinic for the second straight year. The effectiveness of the instruction was demonstrated by the fact that the clinic sold out in just 4 days. Over 60 players received unique individual instruction offered by Don Kelbick. Players hailed from Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Toronto, among others. Thanks to Will Broner and Tonya Krause for their help.

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NEW DVD – Transition Offense and the 4-Second Fast Break with Don Kelbick

By Joe Haefner

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