Newsletter Issue #57 – New Transition Play, New Defense Drill, Tips For Hosting Camps, and more

By Joe Haefner

Here is our latest issue of the newsletter:

Here are the new articles:

How To Have A Great Basketball Camp Experience

New Competitive Defense Drill To Improve Lateral Speed, Quickness, and Technique

New Transition Play To Get You Easy Buckets Immediately After The Fast Break

6 Tips For Hosting A Successful Camp

Flex Offense In Basketball: Continuity Offense, Flex Drills, Flex Plays

By Joe Haefner

We have put together some new flex offense information from the new DVD The Hybrid Flex Offense with Don Kelbick.

3 Essential Flex Offense Plays From the 1-4 High Entry Set

Flex Offense Drills – Screen the Screener Shooting Drill

The Dynamic Flex Continuity Offense

Flex Offense Plays – Strong Side Ball Screen Off Corner Pass

New Hybrid Flex DVD with Don Kelbick is now available!

By Joe Haefner

New Hybrid Flex DVD with Don Kelbick is now available! Introductory discount ends on Friday, May 11th.

Two Coaching Mistakes You Could Be Making

By Joe Haefner

Here is a good article from iHoops about some coaching mistakes you could be making. I know that I’ve done these things in the past as well.