Newsletter 76 – 2-2-1 Zone Pressure Tips, Dunk City Fast Break Drill, Tips For Running Basketball Camps, and More

By Joe Haefner

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Enfield’s “Dunk City” Five-Man Fast Break Drill
Florida Gulf Coast made history by becoming the first ever 15 seed to reach the Sweet 16 in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Former Florida Gulf Coast Head Coach Andy Enfield used an up-tempo style of play to run heavily favored opponents…

Don Kelbick’s 2-2-1 Zone Pressure Defense
Check out Don how Don Kelbick easily meshes his 2-2-1 zone pressure with his half court defense. The 2-2-1 is highly adaptable to control tempo or apply pressure…

How to Run an Effective Basketball Camp
I have run hundreds of basketball camps. Some camps were as large as 700 players per week for several weeks and others as small as 1 week with 20 players. There are common threads that run through all of them…

Getting the Most Out of Your Basketball Camp Experience – 6 Tips for Players
It is said that teams are made from October to March, PLAYERS are made from March to October. That being said, camp season falls into the “making players” time frame. So, you’ve chosen to go to basketball camp. How do you get the most out of the camp…


Are Youth Sports Becoming Irrelevant

By Joe Haefner

Read this article called Are Youth Sports Becoming Irrelevant by Dr. Kwame Brown.

Dr. Kwame Brown does a great job of questioning the current youth sports model and how it may actually be deterring today’s youth from enjoying sports and from living physically and emotionally healthy adult lives.

Newsletter 75 – How To Run A Highly Effective Transition Offense, Paul Westhead’s Loyola Maramount Fast Break Offense, & More

By Joe Haefner

How To Run A Highly Effective Transition Offense
It doesn’t matter if your team plays at a slow or fast tempo. The fast break is a great way to get easy buckets before the defense is set. Learn more about philosophies, tips, offenses, and drills…

Paul Westhead’s Loyola Maramount Fast Break System
The “Loyola Marymount” break was developed by Paul Westhead. Coach Westhead developed a reputation as a free thinker throughout his coaching career. While at LaSalle College in the 70s and 80s, his “0″ defense gained widespread notoriety when…


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Don Kelbick’s Transition Offense and the Four-Second Fast Break
This DVD shows you how to build your fast break and transition offense step-by-step, so you can easily teach it during practice. It will also show you how to seamlessly transition into your half court offense to keep the defense scrambling.

As every great defensive coach will tell you, they play their best defense when they have their 5 players back. This DVD will show you how to take advantage of the defense when they’re not set and currently in transition.

It also includes many fast break and transition drills that build mentality, aggressiveness, decision-making, and basketball skills. This DVD is 110 minutes long and neatly organized.