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December 2011 – The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

Basketball Coaching Tips, Training Tips, and Strategy

Coach Like A Champion

While on Twitter, I saw some tweets between Rick Allison and Sefu Bernard that referenced “Teach Like A Champion.” I pre-ordered the book before it was released a year or two ago. Actually, I bought it for my wife, but after it was sitting on her nightstand for a week, I asked her if I […]

How Using Weird Starting Times Can Help You Coach

There are times when your players forget the time they are supposed to be at practice or a meeting… here is something that we started doing…. Use weird starting times… we started practice at 3:16 ….. pre game meetings at 4:33 etc. …….doing things like this makes the time stick in a kids head rather […]

Important tip to design end of game plays

When you choose your EOG plays, choose/design plays that work against both man and zone. (Sneaky is an example). That way if the coach changes defense during a time out, the play you drew up still works. Plus it takes you less time to teach them (because you have fewer plays).

Do You Think Too Much When You Play?

I am a huge proponent of leaving your brain at the door when you step on the court. I believe that over-thinking produces the most deadly of all game killers, “Analysis Paralysis.” Just by looking at the words (a good English project for players) “analysis paralysis” means what it says, you are unable to take […]

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