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November 2009 – The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

The Breakthrough Basketball Blog

Basketball Coaching Tips, Training Tips, and Strategy

Beginner Shooting Progressions For All Ages

QUESTION: What is the best way to have a kid progress shooting from a low position around the stomach or chest (i.e. push shot) to a position in which the ball is set higher with the arms/hands? ANSWER: A lot depends on how old the kid is and whether he can comfortably reach the basket […]

NEW Offense Article on the Triangle Offense

When Don Kelbick was recently in Austria for training players, he worked with a coach who used the Triangle Offense. When Don got back, he diagrammed and wrote down everything about the Triangle Offense that he could remember. Read more about the Triangle Offense used by Phil Jackson and the Los Angeles Lakers.

NEW Article: Developing a Team Covenant

I’m a big believer in developing “synergy” within your teams in order to over achieve in season. One of the things we are doing this year at UW Stout is working on developing a “team covenant”–a set of ideas that each member of our squad agrees to do that will help us establish norms and […]

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