Advice To Foreign Basketball Players Seeking College Scholarships in the U.S.

We receive SO MANY questions from foreign players on how to play college and pro basketball in the U.S. So we decided to compile an article with advice for foreign players.

Here is an email Don sent to a foreign player seeking advice:

In a choice between education for the future and playing basketball, there is no choice. No matter where you are or who you are, basketball is only a short term situation and your future (education) is forever. If you are making a choice, secure your future. That does not mean you have to stop playing basketball. You might have to look for games, but they are around. Use the frustration you feel and develop something for the people who come after you so they do not have to go through the same things that you have to endure.

In regard to your obtaining a basketball scholarship, you have to remember that the players you are watching are among the best in the world. Of those players only a few (maybe 20) will play professionally in the NBA. The odds of making it are staggering. For someone in your situation, the odds are even longer. Not growing up in a situation where you play in the best competition will certainly limit you chances. What you see on TV is only the top college level. There are many college levels here, NCAA Div. I, Div II, Div III, NAIA (which has 2 divisions) and Junior College (which has 3 divisions). In most cases, if you are not identified as a prospect by your Sophomore year in high school, your chances of playing Div. I are slim. The lower levels work on a longer time line. You have to get yourself in a situation where you can be seen.

My best advice is for you to decide if and where you want to go to school in the U.S. and where. Once you make that decision, contact the coach about the possibility of playing on the team as a “walk-on.” He can tell you the requirements and how to try out. It will be very hard at the highest levels, a little less difficult as you go down in levels. You might be able to earn a scholarship that way. Not all schools give scholarships and at some levels, like NCAA Div. III, athletic scholarships are not allowed. The odds of earning a scholarship this way are slim but it may be better than the situation you are in now.

In addition, if you are on a professional team, that might eliminate your eligibility completely. Even if you don’t get paid, if you play on a professional team that negates your amateur status, you will not be able to play in college.

I am sorry I cannot be more positive for you, but that is the way of the world. Give it a shot and see what happens. However, your passion, if channeled properly, bodes well for people who come after you. Work for the betterment of the sport. Start some camps in your town, teach others, network with people who can make decisions in your favor. You are in a situation where you have to suffer because of decisions that where made by people who came before you. Great change starts with one person making one step.

Are you up to it?

Additional Tips For Foreign Basketball Players Seeking College Scholarships:

These tips came from a comment Don left on this blog page about Getting a Basketball Scholarship.

First and foremost, you have to get yourself in a position where US coaches can see you.

  1. Join a national team.

    It is easier to gain recognition if you are playing with your national team.

  2. Become an exchange student or residential student.

    To play in the US as a high school player, you could come over as an exchange student or attend as a residential student at a prep school if you are of the high school age.

  3. Enroll at a junior college.

    At a junior college, you can enroll as a foreign student.

  4. Attend summer camps.

    If you are not able to come over for school, you might want to look into coming over for the summer and attending some high profile recruiting camps, such as Eastern Invitational or 5-Star. Through them, you might be able to catch on with an AAU team that plays in high level tournaments during the summer.

  5. Send over game film.

    Next, you would need as much game film as you can get. Not highlight or demonstration film, but actual game film in regular, organized and scheduled competition. This is very important because not too many schools are going to come to your country to see you play. If they do come, they need some type of indication of how good the competition is.

  6. Make sure your grades are good.

    Just as important, if not more so, you need to make sure your grades are in order. Teams will not do anything unless you are registered for the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse That is the organization that determines whether you are academically eligible to play. This is especially important for you. Several countries in Africa, Nigeria included, are on a “watch list.” This is due to a large number of fraudulent transcripts that come in from those countries. It will take a while for you to get cleared.

If anybody has some helpful comments for players outside the U.S. seeking college scholarships, please leave comments below.


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  1. This is such a very useful article! Thanks for making us better and worry about foreign players too!

  2. One of the best books on being a journeyman basketball player is probably “Can I Keep My Jersey” by Paul Shirley. It has a lot of great information on what to expect if you want to play basketball for a living WITHOUT getting into the NBA.

  3. Raphael Solomon

    Thank you very much Dan. Your article was indeed a nice and sensible. May God bless and care for you too, just as you care for the foreign players. Am a nigerian of 15years old. My problem is that am searching for a highschool in the unite state so that, i can study and as well play a highschool basketball. My age is within that of a highschool and i don’t this time to pass me by. I will be very happy if you can help me with a school and an invitation letter so i can come around and study. My grades are really good. If you can do this for me,i will be forever gratefull to you for help me achieve my dreams of study,playing and been a good ambassador of the united state. Please sir, reply me through my above email address or with this phone number +2347066520370 so i can tell you more about myself,my dreams etc. Am from a poor family with great dream. I will be looking forward for your help. Shalom.

  4. This is a great article by Don Kelbick. Don and I have traveled to Colombia to give JR.NBA BASKETBALL CLINICS and this is a major topic of interest on many players, but lack the knowhow of the process and educatinal institutions. LIFE IS MORE THAN BASKETBALL, EDUCATION IS WHERE IS AT! YOU CARRY YOUR DEGREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

  5. michael olumhekhor

    good day, simply here to know more about CARLOS ALAMILLA . please tell want to do to increase in the game of basketball,,i really wanna school in chicago so that i can have more traning in basketball in chicago..let me know if i have schorlanship over there..really hope to hear from you.. thanks..

  6. Hello to all. My name is John McCrimmon and I am the director of what will the best academic and sports training academie in the world. 2010-11 school year will be our first year
    I am looking for middle school basketball players both domestically and internationally to come and attend school and train, get early exposure, learn the game,you want to be here. Some of the highest ranked U.S. middle school players will be attending. We want international players as well.
    Please contact me by email at for more information on this one of a kind oppertunity.


  8. thank you for the advice its straight foward and truthfull but a bit negative,i believe big dreams can come true if it was ment to happen so please can you help us basketball players especially from Africa who lack opportunities by showing us sites we can apply for trials in any pro good league whether its a major or minor league in usa or europe or sites to apply for a basketball schorlaship because i`m not only very talented in basketball but i have good grades,help us in trying to live our dreams if won`t happen then atleast we tried our best.give us encouraging news please

  9. IAM CARLOS GERRADO A SPANISH BASED IN UK,i am a basketball scout and i am searching for talented basketball players you can send me email to come for our college trial…

  10. I am a high school basketball coach that is looking for capable foreign boys basketball players. If interested, please contact me at I coach in a large public school in a metropolitan area of Louisiana. I will give you more information if you are interested. Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Bala is my name, from Kumasi-Ghana. I am a Basketball Athletes currently enrolled in SUCCESS CITY ACADEMY High School and played for Kumasi SLIZZERS Basketball Team. I play as Point Guard. I am 6ft 3inches tall and it’s always in my mind to be among a winning team. I love to score in a game and playing defense against my opponents. I also like extra training after I finish with my Coach and teammates. I have a dream of playing in High School and College in United States and then someday pursue to the highest level if I get the nod.

  12. george whittaker

    I coach high school basketball in the state of Ohio. I am looking for players that have some size and maybe play for their countries national jr team. I coached in Finland for three years at the highest level and also coached in the CBA AND D 1 college. I can help you get a chance to play in college. Contact me at and give me your infromation. Must not turn 19 before Aug. 30

  13. I just want know if there are any coaches in the us or uk who are interested in foreign players who want to pursue a second university degree either in UK or the USA. I am a good basketball player who values disciplene,teamwork and defence playing as apoint guard in Kenya. Kindly reply through

  14. CARLOS GERRADO. how may i get high school scholarship, if there is any lik you can put me through, i will be waiting to hear from you …thanks..

  15. i am the best cameroonian point guard,i even took part in the last Nike camp.I am 14 years old and i do work hard i am in grade 9 and i need a high school scholarship to play professional basketball please help me and contact me at 23797023710

  16. i am a very determined point guard player which makes me stand out very different from all other guards…winning is my priority.i play a team here in Ghana-Accra called “The Knights” and i have been playing matches and leagues here…i have earned certificates and many more…i am also in the university here which is called Catholic university in Accra-west Africa….i love basketball so much that i really want to be the next Chris Paul for the united states team…..with my stamina,i can play the whole day..and with my shots..i can say i shoot 80% great and not to forget my good passes and lay ups…i assists,i can rebound sometimes..and as well as dribble perfectly with out loosing the ball…i hope to hear from you soon…thank you so much… this is my number if you want to contact asap…: 233244883610 or 233545444407

  17. Adetola Adedeji

    Am Tola i live in Nigeria a studying in university of Abuja i love to play basketball for NBA and i know one day i will be there though the articule is quite sensible still yet i will be there.

  18. Looking for female basketball players.We will have women’s basketball program in 2011-2012……We have degree programs in Religion,Bio-Energy and Business.Tuition is $5,000 per year.I am looking for height and skill… me through email….

  19. I’m recently 18 years old and 176cm tall (Spain), point guard in Bàsquet Sant Boi on spains u21 1rst div. in Catalonia (Sots-21 Masc Preferent). I looking for a scholarship in the USA or something similar. My marks average is a 8.1 in spains system. Please contact me through email

  20. Hi am teddy am new on here i just decided to drop some few words on here am a point guard playing for imo state here in nigerie am 18 years old an i also play for chariot basket ball club based in lagos nigeria i really need assistance on how toh make my basket balling better and i will also like to school and play basket ball over seas too thanks if i can get any help

  21. Hello My name is Sami And I am 19 years old,
    I won Two dunk Contests when i was 16 and a 3 point contest, I play point guard , second guard, and shooting guard, currently i am in malaysia studing Information Technology In Putra International College but we dont even have a basketball court,
    Please help me,i want to play in the states, i can bring my transcripts. so i can transfer colleges.
    this is my phone number 0060122948658
    or reply back to email

  22. I’m a 6’9 heigh’s for 17 years old, let me know if it’s could be very possible to get a true high school coach or college able to employ me in the basketball team as freshman as student-athlete,I play all positions, for the result of my work is with me, just feel free to write to me..

  23. I’m 6’1 and 15 years old.I play basketball in Suriname(south-America)and I am a real good player,i’m always in the top 3 of scoring and I get good grades and I’m diciplined.I realy want to play Highschool basketball in America.How could I play highschool Basketball in Amerika.If any high school coach is interested in me he could email

  24. I am a High School Coach in Albuquerque NM USA. We are always looking for kids who are interested in becoming exchange students for our basketball program. You must be experienced in basketball and possess next level measurables. We also take Mid School students. please contact me at if you hold any interest.

  25. Hello

    My name is Yana Svintsitskaya,I live in Moscow. I’m 16 years old, studying in 10th grade (high school sophomore). My height is 188 cm (6.16 feet), I have 1st adult degree. I
    train in Timiryazevskaya sports school of Olympic reserve 71, played for Spartak club, participated in the championship of Moscow (2008), Sports Day
    (2008). I was a candidate for the Russian national team, but due to a knee meniscus injury was not selected (I’ve fully recovered after the operation, so I
    am an active athlete again). At the moment I also play for Dynamo Junior League and train for the Dynamo youth team.
    I am passionate about playing basketball, and totally aspire to continue my basketball career and aducation in the United States.My Email

    Waiting for your kind reply,

  26. carroll williams

    Starting to accept exchange students for Christian Academy in North Carolina for 2011-2012 season. You must have great basketball skills, and be at least six feet five inches tall. Age 16-17 before August 2012. Please contact me at

  27. Olorunnisola Gbemisola

    wow this article is very intresting and very motivating…plsss my name is Olorunnisola Gbemisola am a student and i have this uncontrollable passion for the game of basketball and i wish to play in the nba one day with the help of all these grate coaches above here is my profile,,,, am an 18yr old boy, a small foward, and a shooting guard,,, 6ft2, a very good 3pt shooter and a pass distributor with an exellent defence… I hope to be like derrick rose 1day if am given the oppourtunity…plss here is my number 2348163599586 and my mail thank u and God bless.

  28. Malcolm Orgeron

    I am the Athletic Director and head coach of the basketball team at Breaux Bridge Christian Academy in Breaux Bridge Louisiana and we are looking for some foreign exchange students that play basketball. Please contact me at

  29. My name is Maggie and I am in Santa Monica, CA for holidays from Melbourne, Australia. I played basketball everyday from the age of 13-18, and I regret not attending a university which accommodated a basketball program. I am now 21 years old, and I will drop everything in Australia right this second if I were to get a scholarship to play college basketball in America.

    Location shouldn’t matter too much. I am 6’1, and have the ability to play both inside and out. I am noted for my commitment, team work and consistent jump shot. I currently study Visual Arts and Design in my 2nd year, and my grades are also in the credit – distinction range (70-75%). My email is – let me know if there is anything out there!

  30. I am the Athletic Director and head coach of the basketball team at Breaux Bridge Christian Academy in Breaux Bridge Louisiana. We were state champs and National Christian Champs this past year. We are looking for some foreign exchange students that play basketball. Please contact me at

  31. Iam a uganda playing in the national league, am through with my university studies and would like to enter the college basketball trials,am a shooter and i also point in ,my current team.

  32. Obusitswe Nkgodi

    Iam OB in Botswana, n im a staunch follower of NBA, 1.9 M IN HEIGHT and really need a scholarship in U.S, currently im working in Botswana Police Service n representing The Flames Basketball Club which is playing in the National League. So help me out n thank you in anticipation. Please my details are: +267 72531011.

  33. I am a british basketball player who will be entering sixth form in a year and will be looking to come over and play ball in an american high school or college.
    im a sg and play for portsmouth currently.for more info please reply to this message

  34. hi, i’m emmanuel and i am 16 years of age and i just finished high school[secondary school] in nigeria….i have always had a great passion for basketball… currently looking for a scholarship to play basketball in any part of the world…i am a point guard and really good at three points shootout….pls i am interested in any scholarship available for me….email me at and call me at +2348134359012..thanx

  35. hi, i’m emmanuel and i am 16 years of age and i just finished high school[secondary school] in nigeria….i have always had a great passion for basketball… currently looking for a scholarship to play basketball in any part of the world…i am a point guard and really good at three points shootout….pls i am interested in any scholarship available for me….email me at and call me at +2348134359012..thanx…

  36. Prepsearch is a free service designed to help international, juco and high school basketball players get more exposure to college basketball coaches. Submit your profile at We can help supplement any recruiting you’re getting for free.

  37. Yoppi France Giay

    hi I’m Yopi, I’m from Papua, Indonesia is still in the area, I hope to be able to scholarship school from one of the universities in the U.S., continuing to play basketball talent I have. I am 22 years old, my height 1. 90 m.. I play in a professional club SATYAWACANA ANGSAPURA Indonesia, because it is still in the shade of Papua Indonesia. I used to play in position, shoting guard & Point guard .. Thank you .. I really hope to achieve my dream of playing professional basketball level in the USA, God Bless You all.

  38. Hi i am Habib usman.i played street basketball with my falz.pls help me i really want to play in u.s pro basketball.i live in kaduna central here in me with a scholarship pls.

  39. I am Moses a talented young guy getting ready to write history in the NBA, I’m already in a university but i wouldn’t mind a scholarship in USA most preferably or another country where basketball is well promoted. thanks for this opportunity!

  40. I’m 6 ft 7,A permanet resident in Canada ,self trainer and well developed basketball player,i have never played professionally,not in a televised march. my skills just need to be polished,i’m extremely confident defensively both shot blocking and rebounding and i’m a 60 percent offence player.the only problem is I’m 26 years old.but watching college basketball, just always jeer me up because i believe i can make it in div 1,people kept telling me i’m too old, but i don’t wanna consider my age as hindrance to a possible road to please help me here,how do i start from here,should i just drive down to the united states and walk into a college and just tell them how good i’m and if i could tryout ?what colleges do you think i can easily gain instant recognission with my power of rebounding and shot blocking etc people said south school are the best for easy recognition. time is not on myside,as i already have it to mind to try everything i could till 2015 and i will declare for draft?
    thank you.
    any coach help will be apprecaited here.
    and i also have beautiful grades.

  41. My name is ahiante victor i was born 12/7/1998,i’m a funny type,smat,spontaneous,GOD fearing,generous,confident and super outgoing person.i’m very open minded and feel bad for people who aren’t,i am as tell as 6.6 foot and i do play basketball in nigeria,i do like sport,music,deaning and at most makeing new friend every day. I hate limmatarity,liars and mostly backstabbbers.i have learned to never regrets just learn and grow from it”no man is truly who his is without haveing confidence and intelligence to go with it”. Pls i will like to ear from u soon coach!


    I am a boy born in 07,07,1998 live in Greece, playing basketball at age 7 years play pivot, I am 185 cm, 87 kg, I’m at an academy in a small town on a Greek island called Evia. there is no chance to continue their basketball and my dreams is to keep professional basketball as NBA player who needs an NBA player next to the contact, a.taulla @ or call us at 0030-6944452523 …. . May God be with you.

  43. i am 19years old.above 6ft i play street basketball. i need college scholarship. i know i will do just fine over there.

  44. Hi coaches,

    I noticed while reading through your comments that you made kind offers to foreign students, however , i saw that these comments were posted in 2010 and 2011.
    As it is now 2012, I would like to ask if these comments still have any relevance.
    Thank you.

  45. Good afternoon, I am 17 years old, 6″5″ and am finishing secondary school in australia this year (I am an Aussie). I am interested in learning about any training camps or programs this year, that I may be able to attend in the USA that may give me exposure to coaches and potentially scholarship offers to study and play ball in the US next year. Does anyone have any ideas or advise.

    With thanks, Joe

  46. I am basketball player at the university of Buea in Cameroon, ano d i wish to play professional bball oversea and make my dreams come true while contiuing my education. I am a shooting guid and i know in GOD’s name everthing is possible. thanks understanding

  47. I am a grade seven boy student with great passion for the game of basketball. I live in The Bahamas. I am wondering if it would be wise for me to soon move to the United States. If so, at what grade level is recommended? What kind of opportunities could I expect once moving to the United States?

  48. I need assitant from any coach or scout,am 7ft,with good knowlegbe of basketbal fundamentals,18yrs please if u would invest in me reach me on +2348138658778.

  49. I have a 6′ 8 inch brother who will be a senior this year and would love to attend a prep school he ins an excellent player. Who should I contact and is there any charge

  50. hi my name is Dayo akoleowo i reside in lagos and i have a dream to play basketball in USA or CANADA but i dont knw where to get a scholarship

  51. Mayanja Charles Macnab

    Hu, My name is Mayanja Charles and am from Uganda . I play for my university, Makerere Business University, i have a dream to play college basketball and eventually NBA, i have very good grades and i had the best grades for A level secondary education . iam 1.9metres tall and a great long distance runner, someone help me make my dream come true, let me know if there’s a scholarship i can use or anything or anyway i can get into the USA and persue my dream, Please contact me on +256791276544 or email me me via

  52. i am the head womans coach, i need two post players who can rebound and score on the block. we have scholorship available. you must complete your toful and be ready to enroll in july 2013. if you are interested contact me at we are a division 1 juco in the tuffest confress in america

  53. I am a Kenyan basketball player 6ft – power-forward.I recently was recruited in the national team due 2 my potential and hard work.I am shortly here in the USA in Cleveland for a basketball camp and clinic and all the same try getting a basketball skolaship for my college education.I will highly appreciate any assistance offered to enable me achieve my dreams in basketball and career in aerospace engineering.Thanks in advance.

  54. Khalil Balmaceda / 15 years of age / 6 feet 3 / 173 pounds / Panamanian / A+ Student / Represented Panama’s National Team at age 12 and 14 – you may see my stats in attended Michael Jordan’s summer camp here in Panama last year / Played AAC tournaments in Dallas last year with Texas Ballers – 8th position / currently spending my summer vacation in Cheyenne Wyoming and playing with the East High School for five weeks / scheduled to be back to Panama February 27, 2013. Lots of potential / see my film in youtube / / remember, this was in August 2012 / much better now! Dunking all around. Interested in a good education and playing ball. Please feel free to contact me at

  55. i am a young basketball player who love to obtain a scholarship and play in high school, and am 16….any interested coach should pls help me.

  56. Basketball is a game of Passion and left to me I’d say b.ball is the most beautiful sport in the universe.There are great potentials down here in Africa and if given the nod to this young talented players they’d perform beyond expectation.Why? Because they’re hungry for success and they’ll always do what is right which would put them under the spotlight .
    We all know that if hunger sets in one must look for food.
    If the opportunities were to be down here, they’d be comfortable with what they have and play they’re hearts out.
    Rather the situation is the other way round.This young talented boys are willing to play they’re hearts out but there are no avenues or means..
    I’ve once been in they’re shoes and I know how it feels like when you can’t accomplish your dreams.
    How I wish i could help in my little own way but I’d be looking forward to work with other coaches and administrators for the development of the game in Africa..
    Guys never give up,the future is bright and take your education seriously,cus there is life after basketball ..
    Contact me if you are a coach or an administrator who wanna work out some great deals for the talented guys we have in Africa and it would be my greatest honour to work with any of you who want my service ,
    Thank you…..

  57. Obafemi Adeyemi

    Hi.I am Obafemi Adyemi I am A Nigerian.6ft7 inches tall.24 yrs old.A Centre.I have played basket ball to the highest level in terms of colleges in Nigeria.I am a Silver Medalist of the Nigerian Private University Games(NPUGA). I have also played against the best Univeristies in Nigeria.I have played the Nigerian University Games(NUGA).I was the best defensive player in my University which is owned by the ex-president of the country(Bells University).I have a Masters in ITManagement from the University of Sunderland in the U.K with a distinction.I would like to get a scholarship to play basketball in the U.S.A.Pls contact me on this e-mail

  58. Anderson Williams


    I am Williams Anderson a License Fiba basketball agent based in United State I am currently recruiting players for clubs in USA, SPAIN, England and Germany BASKETBALL team..Am now using this medium to ask you if you will be interested in a tryout basketball clubs.If interested, Kindly forward to me your previous playing experience and your CV (resume) to have a look at it and send it to some clubs in America European basketball league.Kindly send me your CV(resume).


    Hope To Hear From You

  59. Hello,My name is Mark Abdelnour I’m 15 years old,I m from Lebanon,I m 175cm,I play in one of the best clubs in my country,my grades are excellent,each year I receive a diploma for my performance,basketball is my passion,and I would just like a chance to prove myself,thank you for your time.
    Hope to hear from you

  60. Hello,My name is Mark khoury I’m 15 years old,I m from Lebanon,I m 175cm,I play in one of the best clubs in my country,my grades are excellent,each year I receive a diploma for my performance,basketball is my passion,and I would just like a chance to prove myself,thank you for your time.
    Hope to hear from you

  61. I am brown raynell, and a basketball agent based in United State I am currently recruiting players for clubs in USA, SPAIN, England and Germany BASKETBALL team..Am now using this medium to ask you if you will be interested in a trial outing basketball clubs .If interested, Kindly forward to me your previous playing experience and your CV (resume) to my email

  62. Am a man with passion for basketball, a shooter,driver,and a drbler. I love to play for a team in USA. Am a Nigerian and a degree holder wit Bsc.IT from university of education,Ghana. Would love to be enlisted for any scholarship in Basketball for a master in USA. Plz, gve me updates:, mobile: +2348162509718

  63. Hi I know I too young too do any of this now (13) but I tall (6 foot1) already nd my brothers are 6foot10 and 11 but they are older (21 and25) and dont ply any more I am south african/scottish nd defense is my favorite part but my coaches say my offense is the one with the most potential because I manage to bend my spin in ways to get offensive rebounds. I just got an academic scholarship to a high school called wynberg I know I’m way young just want to tell u guys that you are gonna hear a lot more of me so remember the name thomas jay (tj) wright I am gonna be big I am to determined then not to do it. Thx

  64. Hello, my son Angelo is only 11 and he is very determined to get into a good college. I’ve been training him for 5 yrs and seen an improvement every year. He is an awesome student with straight A’s but unfortunately, we are stationed overseas (Japan) and it’s difficult to get the exposure he needs to get to the next level. I put a video on YouTube. On the video, he is 10 yrs old and was bumped up to play with the 13-14 yrs olds (senior league). It’s two full games with highlights only.

  65. My name is james,i am a student of Sainik awasiya mahavidalaya.
    i play basket ball very nicely and i m used to it.i am a neplese student.
    can u plz help me sir.

  66. Hello fellow basketball players and college coaches. My name is James Angelo and I am a 15yrs old basketball player from Vancouver, Canada. I am looking for a chance to attend a prep school to prove my basketball skills in the USA. My height is 5 10 and I weigh 160lbs. I play both point and the shooting guard position. My email address is

  67. donald ebuka odimegwu

    hi,am a 16 yrs old Nigerian nd am 6 ft8 nd i play basketball locally nd i really want 2 play in the U.S.A highschool nd then college because i believe they have d best coaches and trainers capable of helping me improve in my game..please if you have any advice for me reach me on

  68. Nontombi Matomela

    Hi I am a south african mother of an 18 year old son who loves basketball with all his heart and would like to get an opportunity to play in the U.S.

    He has just passed his matric and played basketball for his high school, a local club in Pretoria and played for a while for basketball SA.

    Pls if you can assist, I would give anything to help my son fulfill his dream


  70. Yair Tafoya Vazquez

    My name is Yair Alban Tafoya Vazquez, I´m from Monterrey, México.
    I´m studying in the prepa TEC, after this semester I will pass to University, I have 18 years, I play in the positions of guard, poinguard and forward, my height is 1.90 meters or 6 ft 2 51⁄64in. My FG% is .40%, my 3FG% is .35%, my FT% is .80%. My averages are 15.4 Pts, 4.3 Reb, 6.7 Ast, 4.2 Tov, 2.1 Stl and 1.8 Pf. All that per game.
    this is the link of one of my videos that I have:
    I hoop that you can help me to find some choises to study in US with schollar ship.
    I will apreciate your answer.
    Thank you.
    Yair Tafoya

  71. Hello. I am a head coach in Louisiana at a private high school. We provide scholarship opportunities to prospective, qualified student athletes who would like to play basketball in the United States. We are interested in both boys and girls who are good students and have advanced skills in basketball. If you are interested please email me your contact info and a list of your accomplishments and level completed with grades in school.


    hello…my name is otim jonah from UGANDA..aged 20yrs..i play on the UGANDA NATIONAL TEAM..and also represented my country to BASKETBALL WITHOUT BOARDERS CAMP [BWB]in SOUTHAFRICA.i also play in aDIV 1 league in my country.i would like to get ascholarship in the U.S.A,SPAIN,CANADA or any other EUROPEAN COUNTRY…my email is…and my contact is +256779520071..please get to me for more information.thanks

  73. I have a basket ball player in India who played as team captain and scored upto national level runner up and also accredited with good record. Also played in America under student exchange program. This student now is eagerly looking forward to get chance to free admission for Engineering Graduation in USA. Interested in study Engineering. Please send me the details of suitable colleges / institutions.for the same. (contact email id :

  74. hello ,
    i m international basket ball player so i want to continue my career in usa and my study too . help me please if someone is interesting this is my mail ( )

  75. I will love to finish my high school in the usa,am 17 year old still in secondary school,am from nigeria,am 6ft 3inches tall,seriously hoping to get a high school.please email if there is any help

  76. Hello .
    My name is Gusien Ishankuliey. I am from Turkmenistan. I am pro-basketball player. I am play for my national team. I have huge passion to bring up my game to next level and continue playing basketball in US college.
    Please help me out
    my email is

  77. Hello to all coaches and players,i would like to also present myself as a candidate for a basketball schorlarship.I am 19 years of age and i have jst completed my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.I am 164 cm tall and have played basketball ever since i was in primary my passion for basketball is great.i love it with all my heart and would love to play it in the U.S.A.i would love to play in the university of Stanford.persueing aeronautical engineering. My facebook account is,Serienki Gisteo and my E.mail account is Thank you, Owak sen.

  78. @coach Rob am a basketball player am already in the STATES am looking forward to change school for next school section i will like to come to your school. Am a very talented player. you can contact me

  79. My name is Davies Daniel, am a 16 year old talented shooting guard, I wna get to play fr a university in the USA, I love to train always so as to learn more and improve my skills. basketball is life to me and I want to live life to the fullest, you can contact me on my e-mail

  80. hey i wrote last year and thought i should update you guys on my year so far i started grade 8 ( i just turned 14) and i made province U/15 and became my teams caption and improved to an extent that even i am shocked about. i improved from about 4 points a game to 22 points a game but yet my defence remains my best part. MY PARENTS ARE STARTING TO THINK THAT WE SHOULD MOVE FROM SA TO THE UK OR AMERICA SO I CAN GO FURTHER I HAVEN’T ADDED MUCH HEIGHT I AM KNOW 6F4/6F5 i am hopeing my parents move so if any coaches have anything available plz email me so i can send u game tape or something thx TJ

  81. My name is abel chibuike I live in lagos nigeria I play basketball on my own since I dnt have a coach I train myself I am in college but I want to know if there are any transfer oppourtunities for me to come to the US and play my grade are ok contact me with these number +2348145886195 I dnt av an email

  82. I am a high school coach at a public high school in the United States looking for foreign players for the upcoming school year of 2014/15. I have previously coached in college and have numerous contacts to help receive a college scholarship. I have a great host family set up, as well. Please respond to this post if interested.
    Coach Mark

  83. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, lkke youu wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the messaage home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog.

    An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

  84. Greetings! Quck question that’s entirely off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My site looks weird when browsing from my iphone.
    I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct thjs issue.
    If you have anny recommendations, please share.

    Many thanks!

  85. dennis ocansey

    i am a guy who completed high school and supposed to be in college by now.But honestly, my results are so poor and really do real good in basketball. Sir, i feel i have a basketball future and for what i can study most are actually things concerning basketball. so i would love for you to advice me more on how to make it. thank you Sir.

  86. My name is Robyn Burton and I am the Head Women’s Basketball Coach of Essex County College in Newark, NJ. I am currently looking to recruit a few hard working and dedicated female student athletes to be apart of my program for this upcoming 2014/2015 season. We are currently the 2013-2014 reigning Champions for our region and I would love to add a few players to assist with our future success as we plan to hold that title. If you are interested or have a reliable contact please feel free to reach out to be at Thanks
    Coach Robyn

  87. Williams Anderson


    I am Williams Anderson a License Fiba basketball agent based in United State I am currently recruiting players for clubs in USA, SPAIN, England and Germany BASKETBALL team..Am now using this medium to ask you if you will be interested in a tryout basketball clubs.If interested, Kindly forward to me your previous playing experience and your CV (resume) to have a look at it and send it to some clubs in America European basketball league.Kindly send me your CV(resume).


  88. My name is Haley Hackett and I am the Sport Advisor for the Girls Basketball program at IMG Academy. We are an elite prep school located in Bradenton,Fl, USA that specializes in the academic and athloetic development of driven, dedicated athletes. We have a full time academy program for high school students and a post graduate program that provides various avenues for college placement for both domestic and international students. We are currently looking for international student-athletes for complete our rosters for our Academy team and National team. If you are interested please email me at

  89. Mohammad Matin

    Hello Coach Mark, I’m interested to come play for you, I’m Matin.I’m 15 years old. I play basketball in Iran’s state championship team school and Iran basketball team Canco. This is my mail : ferferi1352@ you can contact me at this number:009844665445 or 09126176332

  90. hello Coach,..I am very tall and i have been working on my body lately,..i don’t wanna give up on my dream yet,.i am from Nigeria and i am interested in joining your team, can get back to me vi my email address

  91. hey.. i am chris from rwanda i am 17 years old ols i have 2.2 i am so interested to joining your team and work with other players in ordel to build a super team you can contact me at this number +250789528818 and at ,my mail; god blees u

  92. Hi Coach

    I hope all is well!

    I know you’re busy,but I wanted to send you a quick email to introduce myself .

    My name is Latrell Beukes, I’m turning 15 and living in South Africa. I have huge dreams of studying and playing basketball Overseas.

    Since I started playing basketball ,its been my goal to school and play Overseas.

    I don’t want this email to be too long ,since I know you get tons of messages.

    I’ve uploaded a quick highlight video so that you can see a few of my abilities in real time(I even included a few embarrassing mistakes!)

    You can check the video here:

    I would love to talk more with you.I’ve attached my contact details to the bottom of this email.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Latrell Beukes
    Point Guard ,Durban High School South Africa

    P.S I’m sure you probably hear this same message from plenty of other players and by now you can tell the serious players from the pretenders. So instead of taking my word for it ,I’ve added my coaches(also my father) contact information below(I let them know that you might be contacting him)

    Coach Haddon Beukes
    Cell: 0828534660

  93. coach mark am interested.ola is my name,from lagos-nigeria and i currently attend illupeju secondary school and play as point guard at warriors academy basketball team and am 14 years old and 5ft 8inches.i love be play among the winning team and i love to score cause am a good shooter,play defence agains my opponent and play box one against my opponent and if any is interested in me,you can contact my fb id olamilekan timilehin abiola

  94. I play as Point Guard. I am 6ft 3inches tall and it’s always in my mind to be among a winning team. I love to score in a game and playing defense against my opponents. I also like extra training after I finish with my Coach and teammates. I have a dream of playing in High School and College in United States and then someday pursue to the highest level if I get scholarship. I have good grades too. Kindly contact me coach mark


    I play as Point Guard. I am 6ft 3inches tall and it’s always in my mind to be among a winning team. I love to score in a game and playing defense against my opponents. I also like extra training after I finish with my Coach and teammates. I have a dream of playing in High School and College in United States and then someday pursue to the highest level if I get scholarship. I have good grades too.

  96. Well,Am still in high school.I am from Nigeria.I was 16 October6.I am about 5ft 11inches tall. Everyday I have this mission inside of me that I want to become a great basketball someday.But I know that its not possible if I don’t work hard….. More about me link

  97. Ruffai Abdulhamid

    My name is Ruffai. I’m twenty one yearsand a AHA graduate. I’ve great passion and talent for basketball and don’t want to die without showing it. would be very glad I get a team or manager .my contact +233264790045 and email :

  98. Ruffai Abdulhamid

    My name is Ruffai. I’m from Ghana. I’m twenty one years and a SHS graduate. I’ve great passion and talent for basketball and don’t want to die without showing it. would be very glad I get a team or manager .my contact +233264790045 and email :

  99. @Coach Mark: Sir I am 6″3 and play as a point guard. I represented myself in U17 and U19 as a captain. I can show you some of my clips as well. I am good academically as well. My email is:


    Im looking for scholarship to play ball in states. My name is Martin, I’m from Europe. 6″5′ guard 200lbs, 18 years old. I’m confident in my workethic and skills.
    Please coaches, contact me on

  101. Lesedi Mphahlele

    I am greatly interested in playing basketball in the states and looking for a scholarship to support my passion. I am turning 17 yrs old in March 2015 and currently weigh 85kg and 6″2 foot. I play center/ power forward . I won MVP in grade 9&10 at our school and I played for an older age group since grade 9. I won All STAR Pretoria League tournament in grade 10. I have been playing in the starting 5 since 2013 and have been playing first team since grade 10 to date.
    Please contact me at
    Thanks and kind regards

  102. Heyo b.ball lovers..dis is kaycee david…also known as D5….am a PG…played high school 15.and would love to get a scholarship to play b.ball…if dere r any coaches interested to see wat i got…u can get to me on my email……hope to get positive responses….peace

  103. Hello everyone.
    I’ve been one of the best basketball player since I started playing so far 2014 was my successful year. I play for The Gambia national team as the youngest player assistant captain for my club team and captain of my regional team this past december. Mvp of the division one national league and mvp off the regional tournament looking on changing my basketball experience both in college and club teams please if any one can help out It will be appreciated. I believe I have a future with these skills.thank you please contact me personally on this email () hiitmaker@gmail.thank you for reading.

  104. Hi coaches,
    I’m Pere Juran,18 years old,I’m 6’2” ft shooting guard from Croatia(Europe)
    Stats.: 16 ppg,9 apg,6 rpg,4 spg,FG% 72,FT% 92,3FG% 70
    Also I play on position : point guard and small forward. I play for junior team-U19,and for senior team(play 3rd Croatian basketball league/B1) no paid.
    I want study and play for some junior or community college(AA degree).
    TOEFL : 53-120, SAT 700-1600, ACT 14-36, GPA 2.33- 4.0
    Feel free to contact me :

  105. I love basket ball and i have so much passion for it, but I just started learning how to play,and I hope to play for NBA one day, I would appreciate any advice about the game from any one

  106. im Leroy Sakala in Zimbabwe, im 18 years old im 198cm tall.. i would like to play basketball internationally i play for my high school team and a local team and im looking forward to play in college any coach interested please feel free to contact me :

  107. Overseas players who are still in High School looking to come to America to further there developement should contact Coach Barnett at or by phone at 9195192654. We offer ful sevis and 1-20 paperwork. Very reasonable tution available !

  108. Hello,

    The most titled Greece club looking for male and female players for 2014 leagues and the 2014-2015 season. with small to mid sized contracts($1200-$6000/per month)players and resumes are welcomed.

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  118. My name is ahmed rotimi i am 14 years old i am a 6.7 basketaller with handles am looking for a high school schoolarship in america or any country just to help my poor parent pls contact mi if intrested in me

  119. Am kelvin udevi by name,300level student at the university of nigeria nsukka,20years of age,6ft7 in height,been working out lately,have a good musculine body,also have a great passion and desire to play basketball abroad,any coach or agent should contact me through my email or phone line(,+2348102569452)will be highly indebted to any coach or agent who helps me out,please if you have any message for me kindly foward it to my email address or call my line,thanks and stay blessed

  120. Tony Stamps Jr

    My name is Tony Stamps im 18 years of age attend Finch Henry Job Corps i work out everyday play ball everyday to get better i really need this to help my family and build a future and have a career please take the time to ready and call me please 6629311748

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  122. Hi!! Am a basketballer from Nigeria i play centre/forward 4 my School(University) during school competitions and i train erryday. I’d like 2 go 4 camp within This Month(0ctober/november) this year. Help me out In England,spain,Canada n USA. Here is my Email .And my number +2348080912821

  123. i am a basketball player from Uganda am 5.10 ft tall i play as a 3 man participated in World university games in Gwanju would love to have a scholarship in any college in USA
  124. My name is Ngoka Mezu,am a 200level student of unizik,u really want to be a basketball player,I need help pls,my number 09037185482……God bless

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  127. am deffe louis , a basketball player with courageous defencive technique and good in base line shot who is searching for a school in asia where i can continue my studies am ready to work and win trophes. i love hardwork everywhere i am also with a good education background asian team interested can contact me i hate too much noise everything is proven in the field try and see am a cameroonian living and school in douala my contacts are 237678485818:

  128. Hy there. I’m a Nigerian kid, 17 yrs, I love basketball and play quite well I was really hoping to get a basketball scholarship, I promise to make it count. Mail me at Really looking forward to hearing from someone.#peace#

  129. my name is darren belfon, am a grenadian, i graduate from high school this year with ten cxc subject, an now i am looking for a basketball scholarship to travel over seas to play basketball in a college in the U.S . Because i have being playing basketball all my life. Basketball is a passion to me and i want basketball to be my life. an if i get that scholarship i will work hard and give it my best to be a successer. email me at An i am really looking forward to get back a respond form someone. i thank u.

  130. i am a point guard i have great handles with the ball and great shooting range and i can take to the basket. i am a all round play.

  131. Henry Kobe Munashe Chizah

    Hie i play on position centre or number three or shooting guard i am a best shooting guard in our region of Harare in Zimbabwe.

  132. Hi my name is Coach Doherty. Iam the Head Coach at New York International Academy. We are a Prep School based in upstate NY. We have scholarship money for International players. You can contact me at
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  133. Hello Dan,am impressed with your article may God bless you.
    My name is Tonia Samuel am from Nigeria am 6ft and am 23years old.
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  136. Hi i am a 15 yrs old from phillippines , my dream is to be a international player , i like playing basketball , every morning i play and train , i am a point guard and a good ballhandler , i am interested in any scholarships my dream pls 🙂

  137. Stephanie Mbamalu

    My name is stephanie and am 5’9ft tall, am from ghana, I play basketball at chiefs basketball academy and would love to be given an opportunity to play basketball and study in usa on scholarship. Thank you. My email is

  138. my name is oluwaleke from NIGERIA,i am 6.4,i play for osun state basketball academy,i am intrested in playing pro………help me out

  139. hey I’m a basketball player who wants to play anywhere in the states.
    can anyone help me out I live SA and my position is PG

  140. Hello
    I am 24 years old and I am playing basketball at the university in My country Turkmenistan but the thing is I dont feel as if I am getting here my full potential so my question is if I am eligible for American universities to have a schollarship as basketball player. Please email me as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance.
    My email

  141. I’m Rotimi i really luv basketball,i want to play in us pls i nid help on steps i should take to win a scholarship i’m nt frm a rich family

  142. Ebuka Izuchukwu

    Please am Izuchukwu ebuka from nigeria i love the basketball game and i will like to play in any top team in America if you can help me with that call or whatsapp +2348106243355

  143. Zvonimir Rimac

    NUMBER FOR WHATSAPP +385976655492
    MY MAIL zvonerimac@gmail.comm

  144. Hey I’m carol I really love playing basketball and I hope to play in the NBA .i am dedicated in my education too. I am 18 years old and I weigh 68kgs and I’m 170cm tall….I’m looking for a basketball scholarship

  145. Benjamin Velić

    I’m currently a 16 year old basketball player who’s about to turn 17 in autumn so I don’t have much time left.My chances and opportunities in Bosnia are really poor because basketball isn’t developed so much here.I’m trying to put my name out there because I got praised by some national coaches and one coach from the United Arab Emirates. I didn’t make the national team although I was really close(I’m pretty sure if I just make a little more effort, I’ll make the u-18 team).I played this season for KK Mladost Ilijaš which is a team that played the Bosnian Youth League and their first team plays the A-2 league(which is the second biggest senior basketball league in Bosnia).The Youth League was great because I got a chance to prove myself and play against guys that play for Balkan national teams.I had good numbers, but my team and as a collective we couldn’t really make much of it and that’s why I was dissapointed.After my Youth League season the A-2 League was also coming to an end but I got a chance and played for 2 or 3 mins senior men’s basketball and I am glad I got the deserved opportunity.However,I am really dissatisfied with my position here and hoping I could make it in the states or somewhere.
    I finished my elementary school with 5.0 average for 9 years of going in my elementary(that’s sort of like having straight A’s in America) and now I’m going to a high school in Bosnia and finsihed my 2 years having just one subject not perfect(I’m guessing that’s a B at USA) so I had both years an average of 4.92 which is better than almost 90% of students going in my high school.

    Currently, I’m on my break, my third year at my hometown high school will be starting in September.

    Best regards,
    Benjamin Velić

  146. hi, i’m precious and i am 16 years of age and i just finished high school[secondary school] in nigeria….i have always had a great passion for basketball… currently looking for a scholarship to play basketball in any part of the world…i am a point guard and really good at listening to instruction and am ready to learn ….pls i am interested in any scholarship available for me….email me at and call me at +2348164710033..thanx

  147. My name is tayo reggie,i am from nigeria and am a basketball player seeking to play in the college.Any interested coach should contact me 08065938627,

  148. i am a 20 year old Zimbabwean of height 6 ft 3 and weight 172. i am a guard. i am looking for a college basketball scholarship. i have average grades and i havnt written any SATs. anyone with any advice please mail me . i have incredible statistics and i am bright in class.

    whatsapp 0717 681 273

  149. Hi im a ten year old Bahamian boy some might say I have no chance but some might also say im to young to be on this website but this help me more with my future for now I’m only 5 ft flat but i really think this a nice for us abroad so that we could understand the way how to get a basketball scholarshio

  150. Such helpful advice shouldn’t be joked with,anyways If anybody is intrested in a 21 year old point guard with really good shooting from every angles,Very good and quick handles with clear court vision, i can start from any league, any division i will be waiting for your call or mail
    phone no. 08123326690

  151. Marko Veljković

    Hi , My name is Marko and I live in Croatia, I am 14 years old and I will turn 15 soon. I play basketball since i was 6 years old. I am 194 cm tall and i play point guard,shooting guard or small foward. I am very athletich but i also have mid and 3pt shoot , my dream is to go in the USA play high school basketball and at least make it into the college basketball. If you want to talk or you are just a bit interested messege me on my gmail or send messege on 3850919043276 thank you.

  152. Hi my name is Kacper. Im from poland i have 185cm, nice 3pt shooting form, can dunk and in my opinion good basketball iq. Also im playing pg, sg or sf, because we have in team “small ball”.I want to play in USA. My dream is like every kid want …NBA.
    If you want to write me just add me on facebook or send a massage there

  153. Hi am favour from Nigeria am 6″8 and am just 18, am a small forward/ power forward I really want to have a career in basketball. So please contact me with my email @ thank you

  154. Hello,

    My name is Kunal Arya & I belongs to Uttarakhand, India.
    I did from NIT, Uttarakhand in Mechanical stream.
    I play Basketball. I play from NIT.
    I represented in different tournaments as like in Nationals & in All India Inter NIT.
    I want to pursue my Masters from U.S and also learn new advance skills of basketball from there & want to sustain career in that field.
    So please help me for finding the exact path.
    Please reply me as soon as possible you can.

    Kunal Arya

  155. hello, am a baskeball player in the UK in a college, studing sports level 2 19years and playig basketball with an organisation london school of basketball, it has been my dream to play in America and take my game to the next level, I was looking on the internet on how to play a prep school any help, i will really appreiciate it, please I love this game so much and am willing to learn more and take my game to the next level, I want to move foward, please help.

  156. Kenneth Anthony

    Hello,am a basketball player in Lagos state Nigeria,I am shooting guard good in shooting 3’s,….I need help to take my game to next level,..I am 6’9 fit tall

  157. hello,am a basketball player from Nigeria.I have very good skills in terms of playing basketball .can u help me take my game to the next level.u can contact me with the email above or with this number 07060999070,08188637987

  158. I am 17 and I’m in high school. I play basket and and I my wish to play basketball in NBA. I live in Cameroon and I will love to know what one like me has to do so as to make my wish come true. Please you can reply me using this address Thanks a lot.

  159. To add to my coment first comment(comment 222), I am a border so and I always take part in interschool competitions.

  160. Simão Monteiro

    Hey my name is Simão Monteiro and I’m Portuguese and I live in Lisbon, Portugal and play for the biggest club in the nation SL Benfica which has a pro team, I was born in ’02 and lived in the United States from 2013-16, because my dad is in the military and got a job in Virginia, where I had a 4.0 GPA, I am obviously a fluent English speaker and I am looking to go back to the States to attend maybe 11th and 12th grades so I can be seen by scouts and one day make it to Syracuse, looking for a coach that can help me email me and reply to this if you can! Thank you, Simão

  161. Prisca Luwawa

    My name is Prisca Luwawa and i’m very tall(don’t know actual height) .I live in South Africa and i’m 15 years old.I love basketball and I would really love to play for USA.But there’s one one problem. Here in South Africa, girls basketball is not taken seriously,making it a disadvantage for me to play.I really want to play basketball because it’s my dream and passion.If any organisation or coach is intrested please email my mother on or contact her on 0622323290/0762962578.Thank you.God bless you.

  162. senior fred kemedei

    I am senior kemedei from bayelsa ,nigeria .I play in the state and regional level.I am
    averagly 6.2.I am of grade 7.I am looking forward for scholarship into highschool and want to make it to the nba.for contact 07010586965 .Hope to hear from you.


  163. hello, everyone My name is Urlich and i m currently residing in South Africa but i was born in Burundi such a lovely country but lack of opportunities,i have been playing basketball since i was 10years old it has created a big space in my heart that i can not contol.i m 20 years old and it s always been a dream for me to play professional basketball anywhere in the world especially in USA but i m financially unable to do so.i would appreciate with my whole heart if anybody gives me a chance… Thank you…Tel:+27732005223

  164. Hi i am currently in the Boston area as an exchange student from Australia, i am 15 years old 6ft 7in and weigh 175 pounds.
    I am playing AAU in the New England area and would like to be considered for scholarships to play college basketball, my GPA at the moment is 3.3.
    If anyone can help me work towards a scholarship please contact me
    Thank you

  165. I appreciate your honesty, clearly you have experience. Therefore, there is no need for you to be validated. On the other hand, i do not care about my future outside of basketball… all i want is to be happy through life. When im on my deathbed, i want to think to myself that i did it. This isnt an ordinary dream, or everyday, disposable passion. This is what i was born for. I am not the tallest at 5″8, that motivates me even more. I have endless passion with basketball. I want to become the greatest, push away doubt from people. I want to be an inspiration, to my family, my town, myself, and the world. I DO NOT WANT TO BE FORGOTTEN IN HISTORY. I WILL WORK THE HARDEST, AND THIS ISNT JUST BE EXAGGERATING MYSELF ONLINE. I WANT TO DO THIS FOR MY MOTHER… you probably will turn a harsh, blind-eye to this. If you do, keep my name in your books. YOU WILL SEE THIS IN THE FUTURE. I will work till my legs snap. My heart beats basketball. It makes me forget about situations that have happened to me and are happening to me.
    Keep my name in your books… this isnt just an every-day, 16 year old, with passion. This is something else. Look at this comment blindy, or take it into consideration.

    -Ali Ranjah, England
    5″8, 16, 12.5 stones.

  166. You are thinking now, why should we trust this kid? He is a 16 year old, who we dont know, talking like this. What if he is lying? Why should you trust me? Why take the risk not to.. Why dodge and ignore a potential legend? Dont take that chance. This is not arrogance

  167. Hi, my name is Lewis and I am a Cameroonian, I am 5’11 and play the guard position, I wish to seek for help to get my game recognized and potentially get an NCAA sholarship, I live in Cameroon and am 17 years of age. please contact me at if you have any information that could assist me, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks…

  168. Im a 6’3 point guard from Ghana. I started on my high school team as the shooting guard and co-captain helping my team win our regional championship as well as get to the national championship final by making the winning shot in the semi-final.
    I dream of playing basketball at a more competitive and higher level. I hane more to learn and im prepared to work hard and get the right development and guidance, which is not available here, to achieve it.
    If there are any interested coach contact me:

  169. ochan koang tuong

    Hi my name is Ochan
    age: 17 years old
    sex: male
    height: 2.3 height metre
    am young nation (south Sudan) but now I live in Ethiopia due conflict in south Sudan. am big ninety whenever I play basketball,
    I love to play basketball more and more but we have a coach who commit to teach us that why I would like to joint you guys. please contact me with this email

  170. Hello Coach !

    I am O’nel a 20 years old junior student athlete in a chinese university and 6ft4 tall from Congo, I play as a forward in my school team which plays in the official ZUBA competition ( and foreigner students are not allow to play in the competition due to its low level division ). I’m a hard working person and train for at least 4 hours per day except during the school team training days. I really need your help to keep improving my game by getting a student athlete scholarship in the US.
    here is mycontact :
    Thanks !

  171. My Name is jeremiah from ghana and i am 18 with height 6,4 i love basketball and i have been playing this since junior school and i wish to play basketball professionally in the usa any college recruiting coach can contact me throuhgh my gmail

  172. Taiwo Morakinyo

    Plc help me to improve my playing ability and to become a player in future am from nigeria to know more about me you get with my mail,

  173. It is my pleasure to officially announce Donar Basketball club Netherlands 2018 season intake. Donar BC is looking for Point guard,Shooting guard,Small forward,Power forward and Center with small to mid sized contracts.Interested players should forward game highlight or film to We are interested to hear from any players who can add to the strength of our Men and Women. The Netherlands Basketball office will be pleased to assist players and parents with the complexities.Please get back to us We will contact you on receipt.

  174. Hi,
    I am 6’0 foot and 14.
    I am South Sudanese but I live Uganda due to the South Sudanese war.
    I want to play college basketball.
    I know I still have a lot more to learn and I am willing to put in the effort to build a Career in it.
    I am persistent, devoted and passionate about the game.
    I am in Year 11 and have played in the Junior NBA in Uganda.
    Basketball is my main focus and someday I will play at a Professional level.

    Here is my E-mail, for anyone who’s willing to help-

  175. It is my pleasure to officially announce Donar Basketball club Netherlands 2018 season intake. Donar BC is looking for Point guard,Shooting guard,Small forward,Power forward and Center with small to mid sized contracts.Interested players should forward game highlight or film to We are interested to hear from any players who can add to the strength of our Men and Women. The Netherlands Basketball office will be pleased to assist players and parents with the complexities.Please get back to us We will contact you on receipt.

  176. Hello everyone.I am Sixtus Francis by name and I love playing basketball.I am looking for an opportunity to study and play basketball at a highschool level in the I’m a reliable guard,6’3 with about 6’9 wingspan,I can also play as post player.please if any coach is interested,you can contact me at

  177. Hello everyone.I am Sixtus Francis by name and I love playing basketball. I am looking for an opportunity to study and play basketball at a highschool level in the US. I’m a reliable guard,6’3 with about 6’9 wingspan.I can also play as a post player. Please if any coach is interested, you can contact me at

  178. Igiliegbe Anthony Uche

    Hello my name is Anthony Uche igiliegbe i’m from Nigeria . 19 years of age . 6’3/4 point guard 210 ibs , am a great playmaker , love mid range shoots and threes , but I can slash when needed and I also think no one can stop me. I want to play at the college level because I know I got what it takes I just need an opportunity to show myself . If anyone can help contact –

  179. Oliver Sweeney

    I’m 11 years of age, from England, I play in the junior league for COB rockets in Birmingham, recently I have been scoring 20 points plus per match,voted MVP and won the finals, I want to move to the USA and play high school in the best league. If anyone can give me some tips on where to start, I would very much appreciate it. You can contact me via my dad’s e-mail,

  180. Damian Acholonu

    Hi I’m Damian 19 years from west Africa, 6’3 feet I play basketball guard in Abia State I wish to travel to the USA …I’m a high school graduate with good grades and I want to study pharmacy and play basketball because I love basketball and I train everyday with my team mates I hope I can get the chance to develop and go more forward on my basketball to make the world and my wishes and dream a better place…I here by solicit for your kind approval for my request to be granted….thanks contact me on +23480168874969 or my email damianedward234

  181. why is everyone posting their dreams here.. do u think one sort of miracle is gonna work… what I’m gonna say is. YOU LOVE BASKETBALL.. yes.. play it and someday you’ll be famous..

  182. Hi, I am Alex, 18 years old, from Lithuania. I am 6 feet 9 inches (2,07 m) and 214 pounds (97 kg). I started playing basketball when I was 12 years old. I was attending VKM (Vilnius Basketball School) from where I graduated this year. My stats were bad because I am lacking physical abilities (it is mostly because I had blood anemia 2 times, when I was 14 and 16 years old) also I was getting small amount of minutes. My primary position is a Center, but I think I could slide to Power Forward or even a tall Small Forward (if I will improve my shot and athletic abilities), anyway it is for coach to decide at what position I will play. This spring I graduated high school with 8,33 average grade (in 0-10 scale system) and I’m planning to study IT. So, all You get is a slim 6’9 frame, with average mid range shot, nice playmaking ability (as for a bigmen), my huge desire to improve and potentially great future player. Thank You for your time! You can contact me at:

  183. Hi! I’m the mum of a talented boy Maxim, 11 y.o., Russia. Maxim achieved quite a lot in artistic gymnastics (2-9th places in Moscow championship for the last 3 years), but this year switched to basketball. One of the reason was his height, which is 152 sm now. I’m interested in moving to the States. Maxim can speak English a little (he has 1 more year to improve it) and started to learn Spanish at school. I’m looking for an opportunity for him to study at a middle school with strong educational level and good basketball team. Please advice how to find it. Thank you in advance

  184. I’m 17 years of age,182cm height 165lbs From Philippines,I played in the junior PBA league for southskillz Las Piñas,Recently I have been 34points per match 8assists 11rebounds voted MVP and won the finals’I want to move to the USA and play college in the best league.My primary position is point guard.

  185. hi my name is Soheib from Iran
    I played basketball two year for my country but now I am not playing
    i play power forward I can get a three pointer and fead away well
    I am sure that I am smart in basketball because it is my life without basketball i get die

  186. my name is Adesh, i run a soccer and basketball recruiting and scouting agency here in the US for basketball and soccer players by sending their video and CV to network of coaches, teams and academies in my database. if you interested in playing sport in the United states on athletic full/partial scholarship send me email message with you full details and video link of you playing. Also if you interested in soccer playing at a pro level in Europe, Asia and North America send me email with full CV and video link of you playing. I cannot guarantee anything yet until i sent out your information to coaches who then will decide if they are interested or not. email me

  187. Looking for basketball players between 14-19 yrs old that are looking for schools in the USA on scholarship. My agency is working to recruit some good student athlete. But the agency work is not free, it cost $350 dollar for registration to be on our database and to be recruited. my email is


    Hi i am EGHOSA EDOPKAYI am 18 years old.i played street basketball with my falz.pls help me i really want to play in u.s pro basketball.i live in Abujal here in me with a scholarship pls.



  190. Am Hussein from Kenya am 17 years old am playing for a junior team that participates in the league and I would like to pursue my talent in USA Finland or in a university that I will be offered.i am a deciplined student and I play as a shooting guard please offer me a place please. Contact me at +254741367648

  191. prince appiah

    please i am a boy of 19 years from Ghana in the west africa …please am very tall guy about 6,10 feet ….please i need help to join your school or team to build my dream as basketball player in my entire l;ife please help me,…+233204954114

  192. I’m nasim from Nigeria I’m 15 Height is 6ft tall you could contact me @08118420178 either on what’sApp or call log you could also check on my video on instagram @_iam_nazi thank you

  193. Ali Osman Dantani

    I am a 5ft 8inc 15 year old basketball player from Ghana.I am a point guard.I play for my high school team.I would like to be an exchange student in the any school abroad. is my email. Thank you.

  194. Ador Joshua Maluk

    Thank you for your guidance, am Ador Joshua Maluk from Kenya south Sudanese by nationality, I really wanted to seek for any university tht offer web designing course and also good in basketball, this where my hopes and future lies within, my dreams are lined up mostly in basketball, need a change in our country south Sudan to inspire my fellow youth never to give up and follow up there dreams since most youth in Sudan join military organisation having no hopes in life and killing off there dreams, how can a person like me be helped ??

  195. Ricardo Moreno

    Hi, im a portuguese basketball player and im 20 years old and i played this year in an academy in Dublin(Ireland) and some tournaments in USA. I want to know if its possible to get a scholarship next year to play university level in USA if i play at a high level in Portugal this year

  196. Coach Patrick Cullinan

    To any International high school student looking to play basketball in the USA at the high school level. I am now interested in finding a select group of students that may be able to qualify for a scholarship as an exchange student and play basketball at the private high school. We are looking for tall students, but not all students will be tall. Contact me at my email to discuss further.

  197. @coach Patrick cullinan,Im 6ft7 and im interested on playing at high school level please can I get an email where i can contact you?

  198. Interested in coming to USA for basketball?
    Send me email with
    Name, age, height, weight, country and position.
    I will get back to you

  199. Hi my name is ebuka okeke
    15 years old
    I’m 6″6 in height
    I weigh 98kg
    I’m from Nigeria
    I play centre and forward.

  200. Hi I am a young Senegalese basketball player looking for a basketball team i tall 6’8 and I have 16ans I can play post 2, 3, and post 4 here if you are interested I send you my complete videos

  201. Height :6.1ft
    Weight :68
    Position :point guard / shooting guard
    Nationality :lebanese
    Phone number:+96171398430

  202. Hello,I am Robert Ogola from Kenya,,I am 6″ 6 and I play Shooting guard and Small Forward position.I am 18 years old and I play for the national team too.I was kindly asking if there might be a scholarship offer..

  203. I am a 16 year old – 6.6 – can play guard ( 1 and 2 ) or foward . finished 2019 as MVP on top tournament on the main state of Sao Paulo in Brazil.Have been a private student all my life – top grades – with recomedantions by top principasl and teachers – Current i´m a NBA School player on my team and have been select as the top player on my squad to represent it on 2019 NBA House event that took place during the last NBA Finals last June. My coach for all the time has been Raul Togni ( former Brazil national team prayer and professional coach on the NBB league and as side note father of Raul Neto former Utha Jazz Player e current Philadelphia 76 sixers player ). My most important goal is to have a chance to be on team and move from there – as all the expences with everything else my family is prepare to pay. Any possibility of a contact will be greatily welcome

  204. hii
    My name Ro’Shane Pop i’m 15 years old and i’m a Belizean. I love playing basketball i want to further my skills of playing basketball and making my dream of playing pro basketball possible.

  205. Coach Ken Ricker

    Looking for class of 2020 graduates who want to play Women’s College Basketball. Just took over 2 year program at Jamestown Community College in Western NY we will play extremely fast. Looking for athletes, shooters, etc. OUt of state and out of country students attend JCC for just $12,000 before aid includes housing and meal plan. Email me at or find me on Facebook under Ken Ricker

  206. Hi, I’m codey lines and I’m 6’2 (still growing). I want to attend a duke college because I really want to. My coach says I play like this player called Christian latner from duke. I can play shooting guard and point guard and also I am 14. I will enter college in 2022. I just wanna day that I love the game of basketball and if can send me out there please do.

  207. Good day Coaches, my name is Okoye Emmanuel, I am 15 years old. I am a Nigerian by nationality. I play basketball and have so much zeal and passion for it. I am 6″7 and in 9th grade . I train hard to be the best player I can be.I play point guard position and any other position on the court well. I would love to soar my dreams in basketball if I can have the opportunity. I look forward to your reply sir/ma.

    Okoye Emmanuel

  208. I have a 6″10 wingspan and can shoot from three and perimeter. I am also a good post player.

  209. Good day coaches,my name is sadiq Faisal and I am a Nigerian. I am 14 years old and with a height of 6 feet 3 inches(6’3″),my weight is about 150lb and I play the guard positions i.e 1 and 2 positions.I am a player with so much passion and love for the game and is willing to work hard to achieve my goal and dream of playing in the NBA but I know I can’t do this without the help of the coaches,pls I hope I will be able to get your attention with this and I will be looking forward to your reply.pls contact me at, or 08054398698
    Thank you very much sir or madam.

  210. Mohammed Hassan

    Hi, i’m Mohammed Hassan. I live in lagos Nigeria. I’m intrested in playing college basketball. 6.3ft tall with the position of small forward. Will, ready and able thats me

  211. We are currently looking for assistant basketball coach and players to complete our 2020/21 season and beyond roster.The Canadian Basketball office will be pleased to assist players and coaches with the complexities.Interested players and coach,s are to send profile or game film to Get back to us We will contact you on receipt.

  212. Hello Coaches and fellow bball players my name is Jevic and I live in South Africa but originally I’m from Congo I’m 16 years old and I attend Dinwiddie High school, doing my 11th grade this year, I am a basketball player looking for a basketball team in High School, College or Spain, Germany , France or anywhere i can showcast my talent. I’ve been playing basketball since grade 9 for my school, I am 6 feet 7 inches tall with a 6’9 wingspan I play for a (local team) I haven’t quite achieve a lot yet, i average 17 points per game as a center my highest being 29 points i helped my team to the playoffs last year but unfortunately we lost in the semi-finals to the eventual winner, and I was also able to represent the Province’s Basketball team on a Tournament but we also lost in the semi-finals in the tournament I average 12 points per game

    I will be looking forward to your reply.pls contact me at

    Height :6.7ft
    Weight : 64
    Position :Small forward / Power Forward
    Nationality :Congolese (DRC)
    Phone number:0814174006

  213. Hello coaches .Am Bruno from uganda.greetins to ma fellow ballers
    I have been playing basketball for 5years and have participated
    In alot of tournaments which include Jr NBA,Broxite and fresh diary tournaments.
    Ma team went upto quarter finals of Jr NBA in 2018.

    For more about me,

    Position:power forward/point guard
    In college.
    Phone:+256 754646373
    I will be glade if you reply.Thank you all

  214. Douglas Langford

    Hello, my name is Douglas Langford and I am from Belize, Central America. My son who is 13 years old is 6’3” and plays basketball well. He has received various recognition for his skills in his age category. I am seeking information as to what I can do to get him to attend high school in the USA and continue to play basketball.

  215. Douglas Langford

    Hello, my name is Douglas Langford and I am from Belize, Central America. My son who is 13 years old is 6’3” and plays basketball well. He has received various recognition for his skills in his age category. I am seeking information as to what I can do to get him to attend high school in the USA and continue to play basketball. My email address is I would appreciate any help.

  216. Before paying for an athletics recruiting service please try our free college athletics database and search engine first as a starting point in your recruiting process.

    Please share with those who could benefit from the free database and search engine or may need college sports recruiting assistance. Thank you!

  217. Biniyam sisay

    Hi coaches I am Biniyam sisay l am from Ethiopia and
    I played for my school named Cruise school and I want to play bball in
    USA for highschool I have 2MVP from my school l am 17 years old
    If u are intersted to help me u can get me

  218. Hello. My name is Robert Ogola from Kenya.
    I play basketball and I am 6″7 elite point guard who is also skilled on the post during isolations and on different variations. I have experience of more than 5 years and I have played for the national team of Kenya ever since I was 15.Currently I am 18 years old and my dream is to get to the USA and play basketball and pursue my education too. I have exemplary grades too. In case of any help you can kindly contact me on my whatsapp @+254778987767 or my email which is always active,
    I am very ready and available for opportunities and I have travelled to many different places in my national duty too therefore in cases of any opportunities I will be more than ready
    I also have videos of mine on my national duty and personal training.
    Thank you so much.

  219. I am also currently 90 kg approximately 198 llbs and my cardiovascular performance is exemplary as per me.. Thank you so much

  220. Good day sir I am 15 years old 6’8 tall from Nigeria and I want to play highschool basketball in America on scholarship I need your help please
    Interested coaches please contact me on my email address or +2349065740037

  221. Hello,
    I’m the only girl in this comment section. I’m currently in the MiddleEast, but I need to get my name out there. I’d appreciate it if any coaches or trainers in America/Europe contacted me through I have great potential and I’m willing to work.

  222. I am 19 and in college, I play basket and and I my wish to play basketball in NBA. I live in Georgia and I will love to know what one like me has to do so as to make my wish come true. Please reply if there is anyone who can help me at! Thanks a lot.

  223. They messed up when they taught me how to teach a person how to play! I can teach anybody how play.. my practices are harder than the games… plus we cook food and eat on the weekends???? Girls or men… I can do elementary too and willing to work my way up???

  224. Am a basketball player am a boy of 17 ages old. I love to play basketball and want to show the world how I feel about basketball but no one to help me to be the real me. But I pray to God one day I will get there. If anyone can help this my email anybody. Peace.

  225. Vishavjeet brar

    I’m basketball player .my dream is international player please help me

  226. Hello sir,

    My name is Harshit Rajput.

    I am a 15-year-old basketball player from Delhi, who hopes to make his country proud by becoming the first Indian to play in the USA’s renowned NBA League.

    I am not making a hollow claim, sir. I have medals, trophies and testimonials to prove this.

    In 2019, I won the Best Basketball Player in India award.

    I have played many international-level tournaments, including Junior NBA and AAU International Basketball Tournament in Florida, USA.

    I have also played in several national-level tournaments throughout India.

    Unfortunately, sir, my lower middle-class roots (along with rampant favouritism) are threatening to throttle my dreams.

    My school has refused to grant me any concession in fee (despite promising me). And the NGO that was to take me to the US and pay for my stay, education and training there has stopped responding.

    Sir, I request you with folded hands to allow me a chance to meet you in person and explain my situation.

    Please help me, sir. Else, another talented youngster’s dreams will die a silent death…

  227. Hello coaches, my name is Omara Tom Deno I am 6’2ft point guard and a shooting guard with sensational basketball skills and IQ. I am 18yrs old playing in the Ugandan division one league and one of the top 3 shooters in the league . I am looking for a basketball schorlaship in USA,Europe and other parts of the world .Email me for more information

  228. International Boarding school in Texas looking for talented basketball players. Beginning qualifications: Conversant in English language, strong academic record., 18 years old or younger.

    Plese do not reply unless you meet these basis requirements.

  229. hello I hope you are doing well I am Chadrack young basketball player I work hard to have the best version of myself and I would also like to progress abroad I have some videos to show you if you are interested thank you …
    Name ; Chadrack Mbamba
    high school ; junior
    Height ; 6’3
    Position ; 3 and 4
    Date of birth ; 10 May 2006
    WhatSAp Phone number ; +243817622016
    Country ; Republic democratic of congo DRC

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