Sideline Out of Bounds Play - X

The following sideline out of bounds play is a great option to use as a quick hitter. In just a few quick steps you can go from in bounding the ball on the sideline to scoring on the low block or with a short jump shot.

Step 1:

The play begins with 3 taking the ball out of bounds. 5 starts on the left low block. 2 starts on the right low block. 4 starts on the left elbow and 1 starts on the right elbow.


Step 2:

4 screens across the key for 1 who cuts toward the ball to receive the in bound pass.

5 and 2 remain in place until 1 has the ball.



Step 3:

After 3 passes to 1, he cuts to the left corner three point line.

1 dribbles from left to right, using a screen set by 4.

2 sets a screen across the key for 5 who fakes low and cuts over the pick to the right low block.


Step 4:

1 continues his dribble to the right, looking to create a passing lane for 5 who is on the right low block.

After setting a screen for 1, 4 down screens for 2 who cuts to the top of the key.

1 has the option of dumping the ball to 5 in the block or looking for 2 using the down screen.

This quick hitter sideline inbounds play is run to attack a defense quickly.

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Mike Spence says:
2/9/2014 at 5:01:25 PM

A slightly different version: 2 is positioned as a shooting threat at the top instead of 4. This makes the defence a little more concerned about stopping a catch-and-shoot from the inbounds. Now that 2 is at the top of the key, 4 can set a back screen for 2 to cut down the middle as soon as 1 begins dribbling across the top of the key. If this done correctly, 5s defender would be forced to react to 2s cut. Meanwhile 1 can pass to 5 in the low block, a cutting a 2 for the layup, or 4 for an elbow jumper. 5 can also be used to get the ball to 2 when cutting.


Henry Ray says:
2/8/2014 at 11:58:46 AM

nice play for high percentage post shot, putting the ball in your playmaker hands, down screen for your best shooter and long skip past for three
point attempt for the inbounder. Great play!


Ken Sartini says:
2/6/2014 at 8:15:32 PM

Here is an idea....

Copy this play over yourself... sometimes that helps to "GET" it in your mind.

Just a thought.


Tanya says:
2/6/2014 at 8:13:02 PM

Hi, and thanks so much for the drills. I love having them on paper for reference, but my brain does not always work well with circles, lines and dashes. Have you considered a video component? Not whinin' , just wondering. Thanks again!


Warren says:
2/6/2014 at 4:37:41 PM

A good continuation here is the 5 man comes up and sets an onball for the 1 man on the right hand side. The 4 man on the opposite block looks to take out X2 as the 1 man drives baseline. You could also do the same thing on the other side after a ball reversal through the 2 man - he passes to the 3 man and the 4 man comes up and screens the ball. 5 then sceens X1 on the opposite side. The Spurs run this - it''s part of their HAMMER sets.


Sean says:
2/6/2014 at 11:15:23 AM

This is great if you run the flex offense because it puts everyone in position to flow right into it. If 2 screens for 3 before the down screen by 4........there's your flex cut. Naturally, 5 would clear out to the short corner prior to the cut by 3.


Ken Sartini says:
2/6/2014 at 9:45:58 AM

4 could come back to the ball or slip the screen,,,, should be open in the middle of the paint.


Jennifer says:
2/6/2014 at 9:13:50 AM

If struggle with 1 getting open, like switch the screen, do you have another option of getting it in? Would you just have 4 come back to the ball?


Troy Culley says:
2/6/2014 at 8:43:51 AM

Nice action!


Carlton Parham says:
2/6/2014 at 7:59:21 AM

Good play. Once 2 comes up from the down screen, 1 can take the shot with 4 and 5 rebounding.


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