Sideline Out of Bounds Play - X

The following sideline out of bounds play is a great option to use as a quick hitter. In just a few quick steps you can go from in bounding the ball on the sideline to scoring on the low block or with a short jump shot.

Step 1:

The play begins with 3 taking the ball out of bounds. 5 starts on the left low block. 2 starts on the right low block. 4 starts on the left elbow and 1 starts on the right elbow.


Step 2:

4 screens across the key for 1 who cuts toward the ball to receive the in bound pass.

5 and 2 remain in place until 1 has the ball.



Step 3:

After 3 passes to 1, he cuts to the left corner three point line.

1 dribbles from left to right, using a screen set by 4.

2 sets a screen across the key for 5 who fakes low and cuts over the pick to the right low block.


Step 4:

1 continues his dribble to the right, looking to create a passing lane for 5 who is on the right low block.

After setting a screen for 1, 4 down screens for 2 who cuts to the top of the key.

1 has the option of dumping the ball to 5 in the block or looking for 2 using the down screen.

This quick hitter sideline inbounds play is run to attack a defense quickly.

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