Creating Team Unity With Coach K

Have you ever watched a Duke game and noticed what happens if there is a Duke player on the ground after a dead ball?

Every single Duke player on the floor runs to the player on the ground and helps him up.  I’m certain that Coach K engrains this into his players from day 1 and it’s important that you do too.

How does this help your team?

1. It builds the team unity. 

2. Intimidates the other team, especially if they do not represent the same team unity.  Not many people like to feel like it is 5 versus 1 or 5 versus 2.  If they do, they’ll never accomplish much in a team sport like basketball.

Put yourself in the player’s shoes.  If you get knocked down, what feels better?  To have 4 teammates sprinting over to help you up or seeing your teammates just looking at you and you have to get yourself up.   I would think knowing that your teammates have your back no matter what would be the better feeling.  This feeling naturally boosts confidence as well.

When your team helps each other out like this, it natrually builds that togetherness that you want.  This unity leads to the extra pass being made, teammates setting better screens for each other, and players playing harder for each other.   

 It’s the little things that separate the great teams from everyone else.


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10 thoughts on “Creating Team Unity With Coach K”

  1. Great thoughts. Building team unity can be a tough thing in today’s youth basketball. Many players seem to be more about themselves than the team. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I try to install team unity but like Gator94 said that it is hard when you a few players that are in it for themselves. I do off the ocurt team unity building also, this seems to work some of the time.

  3. This should really help the Hothands.
    Someone e-mail me please I need all the help I can get.

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  6. When we do drills we have our players points and acknowledge the passer on all made baskets. Just another small way a trying to instill in our players team unity.

  7. this takes me back to what our teach told us. Five have to become a whole, when one is down the body is sick. great coaching coach K.

  8. this takes me back to what our teacher told us. Five have to become a whole, when one is down the body is sick. great coaching coach K.

  9. my team was also suffering from knowing each other but since i tried this method it realy helped my team very much.

  10. Coach K definitely seems to know how to get to “we” instead of me. I also think that Duke benefits from this as they are now part of a family for life. Important life lesson.

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