Ball Screen - Splitting The Hedge - Drill & Video With Manu Ginobili

If you use the ball screen, you'll more than likely face a defense that likes to hedge the ball towards half court. If the defender hedging the screen leaves too much space between the screen, a small opening appears where the offensive player can split the hedge.

Move Tips
  • Go hard towards hedging defender's outside shoulder. If he doesn't think you're a threat to go around him, he can take away the 'split the hedge' move.
  • Make dribble low and long.
  • Stay small.

Drill Purpose:

This drill is used as a starting point for teaching players how to react when a defensive player hedges a ball screen and leaves space to split the screen.


  1. Player starts with a ball on the wing.

  2. You can use two chairs to simulate defenders. You can also place players or coaches there to act as dummy defenders.
  1. Player dribbles off chair 1 as if it is a ball screen.

  2. Right before he reaches chair 2, he plants his outside foot and performs a long low dribble between chair 1 and chair 2.

  3. The player continues in for a lay up.
Progressions / Variations:

Finish with Different Types of Shots - Lay Up, Reverese Lay Up, Power Lay Up, Inside Hand Lay Up, Tear Drop, Pull Up Jump Shot, Euro Step, etc.

Before incorporating any of these shots into the drill, I highly advise to teach them individually first.

Live Drills - After you have covered the different options off of the pick and roll, you can progress to live 2 on 2 drills to practice game-like situations.

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delbuggio says:
4/8/2012 at 8:09:41 PM

the video is good but the defender jumping on the road falls far behind Ginobili and not jump perpendicular to it. We must also stop thinking that, if the penetration or the jumper ...


Chris Bowen says:
10/8/2009 at 5:57:19 PM

NIce Video really helpfull can't wiat to see more


ariel rabe says:
5/21/2009 at 1:21:46 AM

Need an agile ball-handler there. Great! Thanks a lot.


David Axford says:
5/20/2009 at 8:34:05 AM

A great video and put me on the series which has good coaching merit.
thought Ginobili videos were better than Bryant's because he took the time to talk through the moves.
I definitely will use this drill for onball picks.


Coach says:
5/12/2009 at 8:36:46 AM

Great tips on how to handle hedges--Ginobili video is great. Much thanks!!


Tse Wei says:
5/11/2009 at 11:22:46 PM

Great ball screen move shown in the video clips by Ginobili. Very well understood.


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