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The Original Lebron James' Scoring Mentality & The Act of Immediacy

Here is an audio clip from the Post Player Development Book & Audio by Don Kelbick.

The Original Lebron James' Scoring Mentality, The Act of Immediacy, and How Reading (Locating) the Defense Could Hurt Your Game

As always, Don Kelbick offers some unique insights into the game of basketball.

Here are some key points from the audio:
  • Act immediately. The more you study (read or locate the defense), the more the defense gains an advantage.

  • Take what the player is comfortable with and work from there. If he is comfortable with a drop step middle, have him drop step middle.

  • Add counters to what he is comfortable with. That way, if the defense takes away what he is comfortable with, he has a counter.

    Two counters to the drop step middle could be 1) Drop step, inside pivot counter, jump shot and 2) Drop step, inside pivot counter, dribble layup.

What do you think about this audio clip? Please share your thoughts.

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KEN says:
4/8/2010 at 2:34:15 PM



Coach Moore says:
7/7/2010 at 10:02:09 AM

I like the very common sense approach!
Many playground players are tough to defend because they react so quickly to the defense! Those same players struggle because they are going away from what is "spontaneous" to them in patterned offensive sets with the read the "D" mentality!


ea sports says:
7/25/2011 at 12:56:39 PM

i need some help i have a rookie team that i need to lead as a player can u give me some tips


William says:
1/18/2013 at 5:15:08 PM

Don is truly one of the most innovative thinkers in the game of basketball, bar none. Out of the box, terrific information.


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