This is the Time to Improve Basketball Shooting Percentage!

We believe that all coaches should proactively FIX and take time to IMPROVE their players shooting stroke after the season is over.

Why is this so important and why should you do this after the season?

For starters, I guarantee that you have at least a couple players on your team that have detrimental shooting flaws.  And if you don’t fix their shot, those players will NEVER reach their full potential!

These players NEED your help!

The perfect time to begin fixing those flaws is during the off-season.  It’s just way too difficult to change bad habits and fix shooting technique during the regular season.  It’s too frustrating for the player because when they make changes, their shot will get worse before it gets better.  And I’ve never met a player that wants to make their shot even worse during the season.  It’s demoralizing.

That’s why the changes MUST happen in the off season.

Not to mention, the off-season is when great shooters are born.

Shooters don’t become great during the season.  It happens in the off season.  If you as a coach want to raise your team’s shooting percentage, you can do it in the off season.  With some good off-season drills, workouts, and a logical plan, you can make significant improvements in your team’s shooting percentages during the off season.

Even for the not-so-serious players, you can make great strides in the summer and help them improve shooting with very little effort.

Have you thought about how shooters can completely transform your offense and help you win more games?

A team with just a couple of good shooters on the floor will make your offense infinitely more dangerous and actually give your team more lay ups. Good shooters stretch out the defense and can dramatically improve your team offense.

Good shooters open up driving lanes for everyone on the team, improve spacing, and make it easier to score.  However, if nobody on the floor can shoot, the defense will pack things in and make it more difficult to score.

Bottom line.  Good shooters help you win more games.  A small improvement in your team’s shooting percentage will allow you to win more games. Simple math tells us that teams with high shooting percentages tend to win a lot of games.

Yet, few coaches devote enough time to develop great shooters (especially in the off season).

In fact, many coaches don’t believe they have control over their players shooting abilities. That’s simply not true.

With some simple techniques, you’d be surprised how you can improve the shooting percentage of almost every player on your team.

The really great coaches know these secrets and know how to improve their players shooting percentages.

If You’re Season is Over, This is the Time to Implement Some Off Season Shooting Strategies

To help you improve your team’s shooting percentage, we highly recommend checking out our Basketball Shooting Guide.  This is the perfect time of year for many of you to get started.

You might not realize this but our Shooting Guide is our HIGHEST rated product.  This even surprises us but 28 out of 29 customer reviews gave a rating of 5, the highest possible rating.  All but one customer gave the Shooting Guide the highest possible rating!  It’s a little hard to believe but true.

We believe the ratings are so high because, out of all the products we offer, we spent the MOST time and put the MOST effort into developing the Shooting Guide.  It includes more information than any of our other products and it’s the most complete instructional shooting product on the market.

Here’s what you get in the Shooting Guide:

  • A step by step guide showing you exactly how to improve your team’s shooting percentage all year round. (By the way, Step 1 begins at the end of your regular season.  That’s why we’re promoting the guide now.)
  • How to develop a great shooting stroke for both youth and experienced players (there are important differences in your approach, depending on the age and experience level).
  • Scripted shooting workouts and suggested routines.
  • Printable shooting charts and logs.
  • 55 shooting drills for individual and team situations.
  • Tricks that will quickly break your players bad shooting habits.
  • Detailed shooting fundamentals and techniques you need to teach your players.
  • How to develop good shooting form and a shooters touch.
  • How to practice smart and get MORE done in less time.
  • Little known tricks to improve your entire teams shooting confidence.
  • The mental aspects of shooting and how to give your players the mental edge on your competition (it’s easier than you think).
  • And much more.

To order the Shooting Guide, go to:

As you all know, we only give recommendations and reminders that we truly believe in.  And even though this email is self serving, we truly believe this is an important reminder for you.  Not enough coaches proactively help their players improve shooting and break habits in the off season.  It’s the right thing to do and really the only good way to do it.

We wish you all the best of success and please let us know if there is any way we can help you.

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