Newsletter 92 – Passing and Decision Making Drill, High School Practice Plans, Basketball Camps And More

By Joe Haefner

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Passing and Decision Making Drill – No Dribble 3 on 2 (Continuous)
This is one of my favorite passing drills because it improves decision making and greatly cuts down on “bad passes”. Unlike many passing drills, this drill is very game-like. The distance, angle, and situation for each pass is constantly changing (just like a real…

Day 1 – Practice Plan & Drills (Sophomores 2013/14) – From Jeff Haefner’s Coaching Blog
As our team agreed on during our pre-season player meeting, we will be focusing on the following this season…

Win the Interview: 6 Tips for Athletes Handling Media Attention
In today’s world, the media is everywhere. With recruiting sites, local newspapers and national media outlets, basketball players are being targeted at a very early age. Once a player achieves a little notoriety, it is not out of the question that he or she will become the focus of…

1 on 1 Ball Tough Drill With Chris Oliver
This is a great drill that emphasizes ball rips and strong pivots to create space from the defense. As a result, players will get stronger with the ball and turnovers will be reduced…


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