Win the Interview: 6 Tips for Athletes Handling
Media Attention

In today's world, the media is everywhere. With recruiting sites, local newspapers and national media outlets, basketball players are being targeted at a very early age. Once a player achieves a little notoriety, it is not out of the question that he or she will become the focus of media attention.

All this attention can be very difficult for a player. As a coach, it is your job to keep your team well-rounded as individuals as well as basketball players. The following are six tips to help your young players handle the media.

1. Share Praise –

A game winning shot would not be possible without the help of a great screen or pass. Everyone had a hand in the victory, so encourage your athletes to praise their teammates and acknowledge the total team effort. On the same note, have your players praise your competitors as well. Never be negative about the other team as this can lead to bulletin board material that will only fire up the competition.

2. Be Confident, Not Cocky –

A little attention can quickly go to a player′s head. You want your star to appreciate their accomplishments but not become arrogant. To look good in an interview, players must show confidence in their answers and abilities but also remain humble.

3. You′re Always On –

Just because you cannot see a microphone or a camera, doesn′t mean they are not there. Assume your actions and words are always being recorded. This can be difficult for young men and women to remember so remind them that the higher profile they become, the less privacy they may have.

4. Don′t Blame Ref –

Don′t blame the officials. As hard as it may be following a loss, it is best to keep referees out of the conversation. Who knows the next time your team will have that same officiating crew?

5 .Keep it Short –

Long winded answers leave the opening to be taken out of context. Quick sentences prevent reporters from distorting your interview or post-game comment. Use Twitter as an example and tell your players to keep it short.

6. Be Human –

Players are people too. Let the media see your kids as more than just a guard or forward. Your team members can have fascinating stories to tell of their life off the basketball court.

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Joshua says:
1/28/2014 at 6:29:11 PM

Nice drills


Joshua says:
1/28/2014 at 6:28:19 PM

Nice program, i really enjoy doing your workouts.


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