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Newsletter No. 92
Passing and Decision Making Drill - No Dribble 3 on 2 (Continuous)
This is one of my favorite passing drills because it improves decision making and greatly cuts down on "bad passes". Unlike many passing drills, this drill is very game-like. The distance, angle, and situation for each pass is constantly changing (just like a real...

Day 1 – Practice Plan & Drills (Sophomores 2013/14) - From Jeff Haefner's Coaching Blog
As our team agreed on during our pre-season player meeting, we will be focusing on the following this season...

Win the Interview: 6 Tips for Athletes Handling Media Attention
In today's world, the media is everywhere. With recruiting sites, local newspapers and national media outlets, basketball players are being targeted at a very early age. Once a player achieves a little notoriety, it is not out of the question that he or she will become the focus of...

1 on 1 Ball Tough Drill With Chris Oliver
This is a great drill that emphasizes ball rips and strong pivots to create space from the defense. As a result, players will get stronger with the ball and turnovers will be reduced...

Check Out Our 2014 Spring Camps During March and April

In addition to our summer camps, we are hosting 13 camps during the months of March and April.

You'll find a variety of different camps for all age levels, skill levels, and positions that will help players improve shooting, ballhandling, decision making, agressiveness, footwork, leadership, and more.