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IC3 Accessories Kit - Airborne Athletics
Training Aids
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Optional accessory for the IC3 Basketball Rebounder

Includes wheels for moving the unit and shot counter. 

The accessory kit includes:

iC3 Wheels for moving the iC3 unit

The iC3 Wheels makes it easier to move your iC3 from storage to the basketball hoop in minutes. No lifting only smooth rolling on a sturdy set of wheels. The wheels easily fit into the base of the iC3 with provided screws.

Mechanical iC3 Shot Counter

The iC3 Shot Counter allows you to easily know how many shots were taken on the basket. Each time the ball rolls down the ramp, the iC3 Shot Counter will keep track for you. The iC3 Shot Counter fits snugly under the ball ramp. After your workout, see how many shots were taken!