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Relentless Pressure System

Run & Jump Trapping Defense & High-Octane Offense

Turn Up The HEAT On Your Opponents & Create Organized Chaos With This Uptempo Pressure System & Blindside Traps

Hey Coach -

  • Are you looking to create more turnovers and force poor shots for your opponent?
  • Do you struggle to score offensively?
  • Are you looking for a defensive system that no one else plays and makes you extremely difficult to prepare for?
  • Do you want a system that creates aggressive play on both ends of the court?
  • Are you looking to create excitement in your program for your players, fans, and community?
  • Are you less skilled than your best opponents on your schedule and you need an edge?
  • Are you tired of being mediocre and looking for something to take your team to the next level?
  • Do you want to WIN more and lose less?

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, we have a solution for you.

One of the most successful pressure systems anywhere is now available courtesy of the creator - Coach Mike Hilmer.

What Change Can Do For You - 56% Win Percentage To 96% Win Percentage... With 6 Straight Championship Game Appearances!!

Before creating and implementing this pressure system, Coach Hilmer would tell you, his record was mediocre - 291 wins and 230 losses (56% win percentage).

And then 8 years ago he created and implemented his Relentless Pressure System.

And now his record is far from mediocre. In fact, he's had a Hall of Fame career.

His record since implementing his Pressure System is a staggering 209 Wins and 8 Losses (96% win percentage) - with 6 straight trips to the State Title game!

Let me briefly introduce you to Coach Mike Hilmer.

Coach Hilmer has been the head varsity boys coach at North Linn HS for the past 24 years.

He created his Relentless Pressure System which involves Run, Jump, and Trapping philosophy. And over the past 8 years has had unprecedented success with it, including:

  • 6 Straight State Finals Appearances
  • 2 State Titles
  • National High School Coach Of The Year Finalist 2019
  • 5 Time State Coach Of The Year

It hasn't always been this way for Coach Hilmer. Before he began using his pressure system, his teams were right around .500

In fact, for the first 16 years as the Varsity Head Coach his teams:

  • Averaged less than 50 ppg
  • Averaged 12+ TO per game

For the last 8 years since installing his Relentless Pressure System his teams:

  • Scored 80+ ppg
  • Average less than 8 TO pg
  • Increased FG % from 41% to 56%
  • Led the state in scoring average 5 years, and were runner up twice
  • Defensively they led the state twice in fewest points allowed and every year have been in the top10 for fewest points allowed

Yes... you read that right! He led the state in offense AND defense

Better Together → Synergy

It's not about just one thing they do right, it's about their entire system and philosophy! Which Coach Hilmer provides to you.

  • Defensively, Coach Hilmer shows you their main pressure system (along with 2 variations they run). And gives you ALL of the breakdown drills they use to teach the system.
  • Coach Hilmer provides all of his secondary break actions they run in transition. He also provides sets they use against man and zone for occasions they have to attack in the 1/2 court setting.

His offense and defense mesh into one seamless system that creates synergy and has produced unprecedented success for his program.

Not All Traps Are Created Equal

There are a lot of presses that use some sort of trap.

But most presses are not designed to use a blindside trap like Coach Hilmer's system.

This Relentless Pressure System is specifically designed to trap the ball when it is forced up the sideline and the trap is designed to come from the side.... So even if the ball handler keeps their eyes up and is looking down the floor, the trap comes from a blindside angle, making it difficult to see until it is too late and the trap is set!

I know what you are thinking...

"Won't the offensive players eventually be looking for the trap?"

If the ball handler is looking for the trap, it means they aren't looking down the court, which is PERFECT FOR THE DEFENSE... because they are no longer looking to attack and score, rather they are looking to get the ball out of their hands!

Is the trap always from the blindside? Nope. Which makes the press almost impossible to completely prepare for.

And remember, this press avoids hard and fast rules.

So the offense can never get fully prepared for what will happen...because it could be different each time!

Shocking Example Of Never Being Out Of A Game With This Pressure System - Down 16 In 4th Quarter Of State Semi-Final Game

Ok, you already know the success that Coach Hilmer has had with his unique system.

But what if I told you, his system was responsible for one of the greatest comebacks ever in the Final Four of the State Tournament.

Coach Hilmer's team was down 16 points early in the 4th quarter against a team that was dominating his team (and seemed to have more talent). Fans were streaming out of the arena and heading home. And then it happened...

The run began...and continued until the clock read :00 and Coach Hilmers' team had flipped a 32-48 deficit into a 52-50 triumph over a great team. And they made their 6th STRAIGHT trip to the Championship Game.

You can't make this stuff. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! His team wore down a superior opponent and dominated them with a HUGE RUN to close the game!!

And that gave his team their 6th straight appearance in the title game.

You see, his team never gives up, because they know if they stick with the system they will wear down their opponent and a run will come...even against the best opponents!

How To Double Your Traps Set - Press Off Makes AND Misses

If you are only pressing after makes, you are likely pressing less than 1/2 of the game. Meaning you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to apply pressure.

Let's face it, if you are running a press it's probably because it is successful and gives your team the best chance to win. And if that's the case, wouldn't you have an even better chance to win if you could press the entire game?

By pressing off misses you will:

  • Catch teams off guard which creates easy turnovers
  • Take offenses completely out of any transition game they have
  • Never allow the offense to take a breather from the suffocating pressure
  • Add stress and mental fatigue to your opponents which will eventually lead to turnovers and large runs

Coach Hilmer teaches you:

  • How to matchup in the press off a miss
  • How to get into the proper alignment off a miss
  • Unique strategy of how they protect their basket to give up no easy buckets

And if you want to press the ENTIRE game (like Coach Hilmer does) he teaches you:

  • How to press from sideline out of bounds situations (SLOB)
  • How to press and trap in the 1/2 court
  • When they might use each of the 3 different presses (Red, Yellow, Green) throughout the game

Concepts Not Rules = Player Freedom And Unpredictability For Your Opponent

Why have opponents failed to conquer this press over the years? One reason is that his players are not robots; they are making defensive reads and plays based on the concepts they have learned.

Coach Hilmer doesn't have hard and fast rules. The rules they have are based on concepts. The press is impossible to completely prepare for because it could look different each time down the court based on the decisions the defensive players make.

The concepts taught include:

  • Constant Ball Pressure

    By applying constant ball pressure, the offense never gets to relax. It puts your team in the position of being the aggressor the entire game. This often leads to costly errors by your opponent due to mental and physical fatigue.
  • 5 Players In Front Of The Ball At ALL Times

    Keeping all 5 of the defensive players in front of the ball means the ball handler is staring at 5 defenders and will have trouble attacking the hoop and finding an open teammate.
  • Trapping The Dribbler Not The Pass Receiver

    The trap is almost always made on the ball handler. So when the ball handler picks the ball up to pass, the threat of them dribbling out of the trap is taken away because they are dead. The rest of the team can be aggressive, reading eyes and going for steals.
  • Trapping The Ball Handler From The Blind Side

    The ball handler is not prepared for the trap because the defense is designed to get the ball dribbled down the sideline, allowing the trap to come from the blindside.
  • Never Get Beat The Same Way Twice In A Row - "Natural On-Court Problem Solvers"

    Players are encouraged to make reads and be aggressive going for steals. If they are beaten, the lesson they learn is to do something different on the next possession. They naturally become problem solvers on the fly!
  • Sprint Mentality

    One of the biggest keys in the drills is teaching players to sprint into and sprint out of traps. This will create more effective traps and limit any easy baskets by your opponent.
  • Floor Positioning

    The further your man is from the ball, the further you can be from your man. Understanding this concept will lead to more steals by your team and fewer easy baskets allowed.

11 Benefits Of Uptempo Pressure System

  1. Wear Down Your Opponent

    Your team will be accustomed to the frenetic pace. Your opponent will not. It will naturally leave them exhausted and making careless mistakes.
  2. Exciting Style For Players, Fans, And Community

    If you want to create excitement in your program, playing fast-paced basketball (and winning) is definitely a way to do that. Kids prefer playing fast-paced, fans love this style of play, and you are more likely to pack the stands!
  3. Get Opponents Out Of Their Comfort Zone

    Teams generally don't enjoy facing opponents who press the whole game. Even great ball handlers will generally tell you that being guarded 94' the entire game, with traps all over the place, is stressful basketball.
  4. Mental Fatigue

    This Relentless Pressure System will without a doubt wear opponents down, not only physically but mentally. If an opponent has any small mental lapse, on any possession, it will likely result in a turnover. And once they commit one turnover, it becomes more stressful worrying about another turnover...and so on and so becomes a snowball effect, and huge runs can occur.
  5. Create Turnovers (And Easy Buckets!)

    This system is designed to create turnovers and lead to easy transition buckets from high % shots ...layups, free throws, and wide open 3's!
  6. Free, Fast & Unpredictable

    Without hard and fast rules, players play fast and with freedom. Players have permission to make reads and take chances in this pressure system. This creates a fast, furious, and unpredictable environment for your opponent.
  7. Play Less Skilled Players

    This system allows for coaches to play kids who maybe aren't as skilled at basketball. You can find a place in this press to use their athleticism, and often they can score effectively because they are getting easy shot attempts off of turnovers.
  8. Less TO's???

    This defies logic; usually, uptempo teams turn the ball over more. Coach Hilmer's teams have seen their turnovers go down. Why? Players are aggressive and look to attack and take the first good shot. They don't turn it over with a silly pass. And their offensive actions are fast and downhill, designed to score quickly and allow them to get back into their press!
  9. Always In The Game - Big Scoring Spurts

    You will create runs each game, whether it is a 6 point or a 16 point run, the press at some point will create turnovers and points will accumulate quickly for your team.
  10. Opponents Focus On The Press

    Opponents will spend their prep time worried about how to attack the 3 different presses you could use. They will begin to lose focus on what they need to do to get better and simply worry about your team and beating the press.
  11. Built In Conditioning

    Each drill in practice is almost conditioning in itself. Also, Coach Hilmer shows you how they use scrimmages in practice which gets them game reps and game conditioning. At the end of practices, you will no longer need to condition your team. They will be in the best shape of their lives come game time!

Here' s What A Couple Coaches Are Saying About Coach Hilmer's Pressure System

This is just what I needed. A complete system of full-court pressure D along with transition offense, sets, and drills. So much great material! After watching I can see why Coach Hilmer has been so successful.

I've been looking for something to bring excitement and enthusiasm to my program. This is a system that can bring us a much-needed identity!

Thrilled with the large number of great breakdown drills. I won't waste time spinning my wheels creating my own.

I also am excited to be able to press off of makes and misses with this system.

- Jason T., Sioux Falls, SD

This system teaches defensive concepts and HOW to play defense. It gives players some freedom so the press can become unpredictable.

I would hate for my teams to have to face this system, which is exactly why I'm excited to implement it!

After watching the scrimmage parts of the video I can easily understand how you would wear opponents down with this relentless pressure and play at a pace your opponents aren't prepared to play at.

Coach Hilmer does a great job teaching in the videos! Love all the great drills.

- Matt B.

Video #1 (57 Minutes)

Whiteboard Talk & On-Court Overview Of Presses

  • Intro To Coach Hilmer & The Relentless Pressure System
    • Rationale
    • Concepts
    • Absolutes
    • Benefits
  • Keys To The Press
  • Overview Of The 3 Variations Of The Press
  • Keys To Trapping
  • On-Court Walkthrough Of The Most Common Press Actions Used
  • The 3 Press Variations
    • Red Press
    • Yellow Press
    • Green Press

Video #2 (1 Hr 22 Minutes)

Breakdown Drills To Teach The Press

  • 4 Corner Trapping
  • Run & Jump Technique
  • Space & Run
  • Shuffle, Shuffle, Sprint
  • Tip From Behind
    • Split & Tip
  • Lane Line → Turn The Ball Handler
  • 2v2 Drill
  • 2v2 Sideline Drill
  • 3v3 Proper Positioning Drill
  • 3v3 With a Dribble
  • 3v3 Live
  • 4v4 Box Middle
  • 4v4 Sideline
  • Deep Corner Trap
  • 3v3 Inbound Positioning (Red, Yellow, and Green Press)
  • Breakdown Drills v. Clearout Situations
    • Clearout Variations
  • Breakdown Drills v 1-4 Fronts That Use Diagonal Cuts
    • Diagonal Cuts With 2 Man Front
  • Disadvantage Drills
    • Build Up

Video #3 (47 Minutes)

Pressing Misses, Shooting Drills, & Special Situations

  • How To Press A Miss
  • How To Trap Sideline Out Of Bounds
  • How To Trap In The 1/2 Court Setting
  • Shooting Drills
    • Weave Into Shooters
    • 14 In 90 Shooting
    • 20 Shooting
  • How To Cover Deep Inbounds Pass
  • How To Defend A Dominant Player

Video #4 (1 Hr 14 Minutes)

Transition Offense, Offensive Sets (v. Man and Zone) Live Scrimmages, and Q&A

  • Transition Offense
    • Secondary Break (8+Actions)
  • Half-Court Sets
    • Michigan
    • Wolverine
    • Michigan State
  • Half-Court Sets v. Zone
    • Iowa
    • Walker
  • Live Scrimmage #1
    • Yellow Press
    • Green Press
  • Live Scrimmage #2
    • Soft Yellow (Demonstrates a slight variation to the Yellow Press)
    • Yellow
  • Q & A
  • Closing (including coach's email address for questions)

Also Included Is A 113p. Free eBook!

Learn How To Effectively & Efficiently Implement The Relentless Pressure System Today!

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Get Instant Lifetime Access to The Relentless Pressure System - Run, Jump, TRAP for just $99

Click the "Add To Cart" button to gain immediate access to The Relentless Pressure System.

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Mike goes beyond his system to provide a complete look at his programs drills, offenses, and defenses.
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