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The Zoom Offense

Learn How This State Championship Coach Modernized His Offense And Made It Even Better...
With Stats To Back It Up!

Hey Coach -

Are you struggling to create easy shots for your offense?

Are your players ROBOTIC and not aggressive attacking the basket?

Are you struggling offensively to create, keep, and score off an advantage?

Are you simply just trying to make your offense BETTER and score more points?

Maybe you are looking for an offense that is...

  • Based on modern concepts
  • Unpredictable and aggressive
  • Conceptual based and free-flowing
  • Based on the extremely effective Zoom Action
  • Predicated on quickly creating an offensive advantage on each possession
  • Fun for your players and allows individuals to play to their strengths

A Coach Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

Coach Nate Steege has been in your shoes. All of the above reasons are why Coach Steege created The Zoom Offense - Conceptual Basketball that has solved those problems for his team.

He wanted to take elite level scoring actions being used at the College and NBA level and implement them into an offensive system that could be used to win championships at ANY level.

His offense creates players who are laser focused on creating, keeping, and scoring off an advantage...which is something most offenses can't say!

Let me introduce you to Coach Nate Steege, the creator of The Zoom Offense!

For 22 years he has been at Waverly-Shell Rock HS. The last 16 years as the Head Varsity Coach.

Coach Steege has been a part of 9 State Tournament Appearances including:

  • 1 Fourth Place Finish
  • 2 Third Place Finishes
  • 1 Runner-Up Finish

And by creating this new offense Coach Steege's already successful teams have seen an...

  • Increase in FG % → 39.8% to 48.5%
  • Increase in 3 point % → 34.3% to 39.8%
  • Increase in effective FG % → 48.3% to 58.3%
  • Increase in assisted FG % → 51.2% to 64.8%
  • Increase in points per game → 50.1 to 68.9
  • Increase in points per possession → .92 to 1.12
  • ...and a school record for 3's made in a season → 230

Prior to implementing this offense, Coach Steege would tell you they needed to win games defensively.....and their offense was best. But that has all since changed. Take it from his peers:

Coaching against Nate Steege's teams is a nightmare, they are well-coached, well prepared, and almost impossible to scout offensively...

Coach Mike M. Cedar Rapids

9 Advantages To Zoom Conceptual Offense?

  1. Adaptability for Different Age Levels
  2. Coach Nate Steege shows you how to adapt the offense for various age levels! For younger levels or teams just learning the system, it can be a semi-continuity offense guiding them as they learn to make the proper reads.

    The offense progresses to one with complete freedom for the players as they learn to make the reads off of each action.

  3. Adjust to Your Team's Strengths
  4. No more changing offenses year to year!

    If you have strong guard play then they can become the focus of the offense. If you have a good post player, the offense can run through them.

    This allows you to put all players in a position to succeed. No matter what the case, it allows you to play to the strengths of your personnel!

    (Coach Steege even shows you what to do with non-shooters to make sure they are a threat!)

  5. Complex to Defend but Simple to Install
  6. If you watch the variation of actions used and the pace at which they occur, you may find yourself thinking, "this is too complex for me". Because it is truly impressive to see...

    • Great pace and space on the court
    • Players moving freely and always in attack mode
    • No discernable offensive pattern
    • Players making reads and getting downhill
    • No ball sticking- constant movement
    • Players shooting open 3's or getting to the rim

    But the opposite is true!

    Coach Steege breaks down the actions into simple to follow, easy reads...

    And then teaches his team through drills how to keep the advantage and score from the advantage.

    As Coach Steege says...

    "Although it may look complex at times, it's really quite simple, the actions are simple, the teaching points are simple and clear cut, becomes a matter of teaching timing and spacing, but the offense is not overly complicated!"

  7. Creates Players Not Robots
  8. Patterned offenses can create robots, even motion offenses can become robotic at times. Players will pass and cut/screen without looking to create an advantage and put pressure on the defense.

    This zoom offensive system creates aggressive players who attack the basket!

  9. Create and Play from an Advantage
  10. Why do Coach Steege's teams shoot at a high % from the floor?

    Simple! His players are taking shots from advantageous situations.

    This offense allows players to take shots off of big and small advantages over the defense.

    More open shots lead to shooting a higher %!!!

  11. Attacking/Downhill Offense
  12. Most coaches are frustrated when players don't attack and get downhill to create advantages...

    The entire focus of this offense is running an action where you get your players downhill and attack the paint to create an advantage.

    It becomes second nature to your players because that is their focus at the start of every possession.

  13. Don't Need Great Athletes
  14. Why? Well, because the actions Coach Steege has designed do not rely on 1 player beating the defender 1 on 1. In many cases, the offensive player is being screened before they take a dribble handoff...

    Or they are cutting to the opposite side of the court where they spring off of a screen and take a pitch and look to get into the paint.

  15. Freedom (and Fun)
  16. This offense allows your players to be creative on the court. It allows them freedom.

    And as soon as your players feel comfortable with this offense, they will become more creative... and more explosive because they won't be thinking.

    They'll be attacking and keeping the Defense on their heels. And all players enjoy a system where they can play freely.

  17. Tough to Guard / Almost Impossible to Scout
  18. There is no discernable pattern to try to stop you. Period.

    Actions will take place from different locations, with different players, and they result in playing advantage basketball.

    You simply move the ball after the advantage until your offense gets the shot they want.

    Tough to Guard...Impossible to Scout!

Common Sense Approach To Offense - Coach Steege's Zoom Conceptual Offense

Besides all of the benefits listed above, most importantly, this offense takes a common sense approach to scoring.

In a nutshell this offense is designed to:

  1. Create an offensive advantage (by attacking through one of the actions)
  2. Keep the offensive advantage (by moving the ball and continuing the attack)
  3. Get a HIGH % shot (because players are shooting from an advantage)

Now, what happens if you lose your offensive advantage at any point in the possession???

The ball finds a Trigger, and the offensive Trigger player immediately gets into an offensive action, and you go back to steps 1, 2, and 3... just rinse and repeat!

Video Preview - How to Attack Blitz Coverage

Coach Steege's Hard Lesson With Advantage Basketball - Don't Just Put Your Players In Advantage Situations... Teach Them How To Score From Advantages

If you have an offense that constantly creates advantages...

That's great!

However, Coach Steege found out the hard way that you need to...

Teach players HOW to score out of those advantages. Many players didn't know how to best capitalize on the advantage.

And when Coach Steege made this adjustment, his Zoom offense took off!

If you combine creating the advantage with teaching your players how to utilize the advantage, you will have a team that:

  • Shoots higher FG %
  • Shoots higher 3 Point %
  • Increase their points per possession

And that is the entire focus and design of the Zoom Conceptual Offense.

Video Preview - 4 On 3 Advantage Drill

Dirty Work Done For You!

Coach Steege has done the dirty work for you. Through YEARS of trial and error, Coach Steege has found what works best including:

  • Actions that work best on the 2 side and 3 side of the offense
  • The best way to teach and implement the offense
  • A modification of the offense for lower-level teams (Middle school and JV teams!)
  • The best ways to attack various defensive strategies
  • Breakdown drills:
    • Implementing the offensive actions
    • Vital skills needed for the offense
    • Playing from an advantage
    • Keeping and Scoring from an advantage
  • Challenges you'll face and how to overcome these challenges
  • Early mistakes he made when implementing this offense (and how to avoid these)
  • And tips he has learned over the years - Including how to best use non-shooters in this offense

Why Use A Conceptual Offense?

A conceptual offense means that players learn to:

  • Make high IQ reads
  • Play with pace
  • Make QUICK "zero second" decisions
  • Create space and play in space
  • Score off the small or large advantage they created

Basically, conceptual offenses teach players how to play basketball and not basketball plays!

When taught right, they give defenses a fit.

They are almost impossible to scout and prepare for and they are aggressive, keeping the defense on their heels!

One Size Doesn't Fit All - And Here's The Solution!

1 System → 2 Offenses

When being in charge of a program that spans youth levels through high caliber high school varsity players, you realize that you have to teach lower level players slightly differently at times.

That is why Coach Steege has 2 Offenses within his Zoom Conceptual System - 2 Post Flow and 1 Post Flow.

He created what he calls 2 Post Flow for his younger groups (middle school on up) and he created his 1 Post Flow for his varsity level players. What's the difference?

2 Post Flow: More structured for younger players or for teams that are just beginning to implement this offense.

This is a great place for any team to start if they are first implementing this offensive system.

Everything in 2 Post Flow is a great teaching tool of his Zoom Conceptual Offensive System. And it builds into the next level of the offense, 1 Post Flow.

1 Post Flow: This variation of the Zoom Conceptual Offensive System simply has the most freedom for players and unharnesses the true benefits of a conceptual offense.

How Motion Offense Coaches Implement The Zoom

To what degree is up to you...

Some motion coaches use the zoom action as a piece of their motion. They'll run it throughout the game to mix up the looks to keep the defense off balance.

Some motion coaches like Coach Steege have gone to the zoom as their base or primary action to start the offense. So almost every possession starts with the zoom action.

Whatever direction you choose... Coach Steege shows you how to BETTER run the zoom action with breakdown drills.

He shows you how to correct and when to correct...

And even simplify it if you don't want to make it your primary action at first.

That way, you give your offense a boost and score more points... no matter how much you utilize the zoom action!

Here's What A Couple Coaches Are Saying About Coach Steege's Zoom Conceptual Offense

Finally! I've been waiting forever for a thorough video over a conceptual offense and this video EXCEEDS my expectation. Thank you for sharing! I have been wanting to implement a conceptual based offense and love the Zoom action so Coach Steege's Zoom Offense Conceptual Basketball is perfect.

Coach is VERY thorough in his teaching, and I feel like he gave me all of the secrets to making the offense work and I really appreciate him sharing so much. There are so many teaching tips in this video. I love the fact that he gives you problems you will face ahead of time so that I can address problems before they occur.

The offense he uses has a variation that is even simpler and perfect for using with younger or more inexperienced groups. And there are a ton of awesome drills that are tailored for this offense. I couldn't be happier with the product. Great work Coach Steege!

-Cullen D. Minneapolis, MN

I'll keep this short and to the point - this video is a must-have for any coach looking to modernize their offense with a conceptual-based one. I think any coach can take what Nate Steege provides and implement the offense with success.

All of the whiteboard and on-court actions are very simple and clear to understand, with lots of examples to view.

Coach Steege takes you through lots of options in his conceptual-based offense geared around Zoom actions and creating and playing from an advantage.

The offensive sets and breakdown drills round out a great video with so much useful information. Thanks!

-Cam S. Nebraska

Video #1 - 1 Hour Whiteboard Action

  • Intro to Coach Steege
  • Intro To The Zoom Offense (both variations, 2 Post Flow & 1 Post Flow)
  • Benefits of The Zoom Offense - Conceptual System
  • Implementation Tips & Advice
    • Challenges
    • Downhill Mentality
    • Holding The Corner
    • Changing Pace
    • Playing From Advantage
  • The Zoom Offense - Conceptual Basketball Basics
    • Reading & Screening
    • Probing
    • Forcing The Chase
    • No Ball Stoppers
  • The Zoom Offense - Conceptual Basketball - 1 Post Flow
    • 3 Man Side Actions
    • 2 Man Side Actions
    • Labels
    • Basic Offensive Actions
    • Basic Offensive Rules
  • The Zoom Offense - 2 Post Flow
    • Labels
    • Overview Of Differences Between 2 Post Flow & 1 Post Flow

Video #2 - 1 Hour 20 Minutes On-Court Action

  • The Zoom Offense - 2 Post Flow
    • 5v0
    • Options From 3 Man Side & 2 Man Side
    • vs. Non-Switching Defenses
    • vs. Switching Defenses
    • vs. Blitzing (Trapping) Defenses
  • Transition Into Offense
    • 5v0
    • With Half-Court Defense
    • With Full-Court Defense
  • The Zoom Offense - 1 Post Flow
    • 5v0
    • Options From 3 Man Side & 2 Man Side
    • vs. Non-Switching Defenses
    • vs. Switching Defenses
    • vs. Blitzing (Trapping) Defenses
  • Transition Into Offense
    • 5v0
    • With Half-Court Defense
    • With Full-Court Defense

Video #3 - 2 Hours 5 Minutes Breakdown Drills & Offensive Sets

  • Breakdown Drills - Teaching The Offense From 2 Man Side
    • 2v0
    • 2v2
    • 2v2 w/ Read
  • Breakdown Drills - Teaching The Offense From 3 Man Side
    • 3v0
    • 3v3
    • 3v3 w/ Read
  • Skill Drills
    • Pocket Passing
    • Hook Passing
    • Circle Dribbling
    • Probe & Pass
  • Post Breakdown
    • Roll & Quick Skip
    • Front Rip Power Layup
    • Hit & Sit
    • Hi/Lo
    • Post Double
  • Advantage Drills
    • 3v3 Blind
    • DKS Drill (Drive, Kick, Swing)
    • 2 Cone 1v1
    • Cone Tap
  • Shooting Drills
    • 3 Man Closeout
    • 2v1 Shooting
    • Diagonal Shooting
  • Offensive Sets
    • Rip
    • Over
    • Over Counter
    • 1-4 High
      • Up
      • Twist
      • Punch
  • Q & A With Coach Steege
  • Closing With Coach Steege (including his email address to ask questions)
  • Also Included Is A 100p. Free EBook!

    Learn How To Effectively & Efficiently Implement A Conceptual Zoom Based Offense Now!

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    Get Instant Lifetime Access to The Zoom Offense - Conceptual Basketball for just $99

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John C. from Bridgeville, PA
11/24/2023 at 11:03 AM
Great breakdown of the offense and the reads in the offense.

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11/23/2023 at 11:20 PM
Detailed breakdown drills to build the offense.
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Josh Bailey from Belle, WV
11/23/2023 at 11:04 PM
It was very informative and easily applicable to to my team. So much information for the price. I would highly recommend the product to anyone wanting to learn the zoom offense.
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John Brown from Toms River, NJ
11/23/2023 at 10:34 AM
That the product is broken down in 3 sections. Chalkboard, video and pdf
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