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Shot Spotz - Basketball Training Markers
Training Aids
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The SKLZ Shot Spotz are training markers for basketball coaches and players.  You can use them for drills, shooting games, teaching offense, and more.  The markers lay flat on the floor.  You can step on them or dribble on them. They stay in the same place. 

See below for drills ideas and tips when using the Shot Spotz.

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  • Comes with five, durable, high-density ground discs numbered 1 through 5
  • All-weather, durable rubber construction
  • Includes a magnetic digital timer to perform timed drills
  • Can be used on any indoor or outdoor basketball court
  • Includes detailed instructions for 9 fun training games
  • Games include: Treys Around the World, 2nd Chance, Fastest Once Around, Line 'em Up, 5 Shot Add 'em Up, 2-Minute Shootout, Five Shots for Fifteen Points, Twenty-One, Call 'em Out & Find 'em
  • Comes with carrying case

Tips for Using Shot Spotz Training Markers

1) Teach Transition Offense

The training markers can be useful when teaching a numbered fast break offense.  Place each marker in the appropriate offensive position.  Example:  5 on right block, 4 in left corner, 3 on left wing (trailer), 2 in right corner, and 1 on right wing. Assign each player a number. Have them sprint to these spots in transition offense so they learn their position and maintain good spacing.

2) Teach Half Court Offense

You can use the training markers when building your half court offense.  For a 5 out offense, you can place the markers around the perimeter in appropriate spots.  Tell players to cut or screen, then find an open spot.  This is a simple way to build your offense and maintain great spacing.  

You can do the same thing with 4 out 1 in, 3 out 2 in, and other offensive formation.  In some cases you'll want more than 5 spots marked on the court, so you'll need two sets of the markers.

3)  Improve Spacing

No matter what offense you run, you can use the spots to improve spacing.  Simply put a marker on all the spots where you want players.  You can mark 5-10 spots on the court.  Then require players to always find one of these spots after cutting or screening.   

4)  Designate Spots for Drills and Keep Players Where You Want Them!

The markers can be very useful for a variety of drills.  For "spin out" shooting/footwork, you can specify exactly where you want players shoot or pivoting.... so they stay in their range.  For post play drills, you can mark exactly where you want post shots to occur and where you want the passer to be positioned. 

There are hundreds of ways you can use the Shot Spotz in your drills.  You can use them any time you want to control where players are making passes, taking shots, or working on their skills.  

This can be particularly useful with youth players who tend to get too close to the basket or too far away.  The Shot Spotz keep the players where you want them.  

Basketball Drills You Can Use with Shot Spotz

Shipping only available in USA