Newsletter 88 – New Double Ball Screen Play, Why You Should Use Effective Field Goal Percentage, Positive Coaching, and More

By Joe Haefner

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NEW Kansas Handoff Double Ball Screen Play
Are you looking for a new play that features backdoor cuts, dribble handoffs, double picks, dribble penetration, stagger screens, and three-point shots? If so, then you have come to the right place…

What is Effective Field Goal Percentage? And Why YOU Should Use It
Effective Field Goal Percentage is a measurement of how successful your team is from the field. This metric provides a more complete picture of the game situation than standard field goal percentages because three point shots are…

New Section On Website: Positive Impact Coaching
As a basketball coach, we believe the most important thing is for you to make a positive impact on your players lives! Why else would you coach basketball? We believe this is the most important thing and should be your number one priority…

Host A Breakthrough Camp and Raise Money For Your Program!
If you would like to raise money for your program, you can host a Breakthrough Basketball camp. You simply reserve the gym and help promote the camp in the area and we bring a director in to run the camp…


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