Newsletter 89 – New Diamond and One Defense, Game Changers, New Passing Drill and Clapping for Mistakes

By Joe Haefner

Read Newsletter 89 by clicking on this link.

NEW Diamond and One “Junk” Defense
The Diamond and One is the perfect changeup to either a man-to-man or zone defense. It serves three purposes: to contain the opposing team’s best player, to take away the strengths of that player, and to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm on offense. This defense is designed to shut down…

The Four Corner Passing Drill
The following drill not only works your players’ conditioning and passing skills but it also works your team’s brain by making your players think on their feet…

Why Successful Teammates Clap For Mistakes
What would make successful teammates CLAP for mistakes? Aren’t they damaging and destructive? Well, if repeated without recognition, yes…

What Do You Think are “Game Changers”?
What does everyone here think that their game changers are? There were two that I felt we could control…


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