Newsletter 87 – New Multi-Option Box Play, New Stats Tutorial Videos, and New Rebounding Drill

By Joe Haefner

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NEW Multi-Option Box Play Versus Man To Man Defense
This box play is best utilized in the half court against man-to-man defense. This play takes a while to develop so using it when there isn’t much time left on the game/shot clock is risky. If the play is run correctly, you should get an open shot in the post area or an open three point show for your best shooter…

NEW Rebounding Drill – Last Man Standing
The Last Man Standing drill is designed to teach your players the importance of rebounding by creating a need to fight for all missed shots…

Video Tutorials For Breakthrough Stats App
Check out the video tutorials for the Breakthrough Stats App. They will show how to get started, input stats, create reports, and much more…

Breakthrough Stats App For iPad
In addition to your typical stats, collect advanced stats and reports that will give you an instant edge over your competition’s stat collecting programs…


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