Newsletter 82 – How to Run the Diamond Press Defense – Drills and Tips and More

By Joe Haefner

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How to Run the 1-2-1-1 Diamond Press Defense
The press is designed to force turnovers by speeding up the decision making process of the offense. Your team must have quick players with good instincts for this press defense to be effective. Do not run this press if you are not willing to occasionally give up easy baskets…

Diamond Press Drill #1: Free Throw Situations
This drill is designed to condition your players to quickly set up in the Diamond press after a made free-throw. It also works on free-throws in a game like situation…

Diamond Press Drill #2: Half Court Overload
This drill reinforces the importance of covering more ground on the press by adding an extra offensive player. If your team can guard six players in practice, they can certainly guard five in the game…


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