1-2-1-1 Diamond Press Drill: Free Throw Situations

This drill is designed to condition your players to quickly set up in the Diamond press after a made free-throw. It also works on free-throws in a game like situation.

X4 takes the free throw. X2 and X3 are lined up on the blocks. X1 and X5 are already in their positions.

If X4 misses the free-throw, X2, X3, and X4 rotate clockwise. X2 shoots the free-throw. The cycle continues until there is a made free-throw.

If X4 makes the free-throw, the ball is live. The defense must set up in the Diamond press as shown. Play stops when the defense forces a turnover or when the offense crosses half-court. Do not forget to keep track of any potential ten-second violations.

Offense switches to defense if they cross half-court. Note that the clockwise rotation still applies if 4 misses the free-throw.

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Travis says:
10/16/2017 at 9:14:33 AM

On a free throw, wouldn't you want your #5 on the blocks to rebound the free throw? then he will have to hustle to get back to the other side of the court after a make, correct? In this example you have him already back there so he wouldn't be able to rebound a free throw miss

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M. Jensen says:
11/14/2017 at 10:05:09 AM

I bring the guards up to more easily set up the press, essentially punting on the offensive rebounding of free-throws for three reasons.
1. It sets the expectation we're going to make the free-throws. We're not even trying to rebound the ball, because we know our guy's gonna make the shots.
2. If the free-throw is missed, those guards are instructed to get into the rebounder and force a turnover, or at least slow the advance of the ball. This allows the rest of our defenders time to recover.
3. Obviously, this makes setting up the press on a make way easier.

If you're running this press frequently, you're probably a smaller, more athletic team, where offensive rebounding is less likely to be your forte. I also like the added advantage of having big players back to protect against any possible fast break.


Dan says:
5/10/2020 at 1:46:13 PM

The number of offensive rebounds off of a free throw is small so I think it is more important to have your press set up more easily. Also, sometimes a 5 gets a silly foul trying to get a rebound off of a missed free throw. So better not to worry about it and set up the diamond press. Just a thought.


mike says:
1/20/2014 at 11:06:46 PM

i like to run this press but i like having (4) a forward on the ball being thrown in.. then trapping in the corner with the guards.


DA says:
12/21/2013 at 9:23:17 PM

Why is 5 out of bounds?

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JP says:
4/2/2015 at 9:52:09 AM

to inbound the ball... they are on offense,,,,,,,,


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