23 Basketball Team Offense Drills - Improve Spacing, Cutting, Screening and Ball Movement

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Below are half-court offense drills for basketball coaches to use during practice.

The drills below can work for any offense because they are based on universal offensive concepts like spacing, cutting, screening, ball movement, and decision making.

To learn more about specific plays, motion offenses, continuity offenses, concepts and more... check out the basketball team offense page and our situational set plays.

Spacing Drills

3 Competitive Dribble Penetration Shooting / Team Offense Drills

String Spacing - Dribble At Wing

String Spacing - Dribble At Post

Cutting Drills

Motion Offense Drill: Teaching Effective Cuts and Movements At Beginning of Season

1 on 1 Zipper Cut Drill

5 Seconds to Get Open 1v1

3 Drill Progressions to Get Open

Fill and Read The Defense

Screening Drills

Pick and Roll Drills

Competitive 1 on 1 Shooting Drill To Teach Curls & Fades

3v3 Away Screens

3v3 Back Screens

Ball Movement Drills

3 Reversal Motion

Motion Traps

Half Court Ball Movement

10 In A Row Passing Drill - Mike MacKay

1 vs. 2 Post-Double Pass Out Drill

4 Man Spacing - Canada Rules

Multi-purpose Offense Drills

Basic Triple Threat Decision Making - Motion Offense

5v0 Pass and Move

Passing and Decision Making Drill - No Dribble 3 on 2 (Continuous)

Motion Offense Drill - Designated Shooter

No Dribble Motion

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