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This drill is great for your post players because it works on so many aspects that most post players need to improve. 
  • Footwork (offense and defense).
  • Establishing post position.
  • Scoring if you get a catch deep in the paint.
  • Escaping double teams.
  • Passing out of traps.
  • Flashing from weak side-to-strong side.
  • Scoring in a 1-on-1 situations.
  • Making quick moves.
  • Offensive awareness.
  • Defensive positioning and awareness.
This drill is not just an offensive drill as it also emphasis several key elements for post defense as well as helps teach your guards to"dig" when there is a post entry from the perimeter. 
Setup X4 is guarding the coach with the ball on the strong side wing. Another coach is on the wing. The offensive player starts in the low post with x5 defending.  x5 can guard any you want -- fronting, playing behind, or half-fronting. Note:
  • For variation, you can have the post player start on the baseline, on the other block, or even on the strong side wing in order to work on posting up from various spots.
  • If fronted or defended on the high-side, the offensive player would have to work around the defender.
Frame 1
Coach makes post entry to 5. As soon as coach makes post entry, x1 will dig down, helping x5. Note: The offensive player must be very quick and decisive if they are going to score on the catch. On the catch, the offensive player can attack right away before the double team gets there. x1 needs to "dig hard".
Frame 2
If the offensive player can't score prior to x1 doubling, then they must retreat using the backup dribble (ball should be dribbled at back leg). 5 will then throw a skip pass to the coach on the opposite wing.
Frame 3
After the skip pass, x1 will step off while the offensive post will fight across the lane to re-establish position on the opposite block. If on the cut across the lane the defensive player makes contact with the offensive player (bumps cutter), the offensive player should use a spin move and continue the route to the opposite block. The coach with the ball will pass it to the offensive player when the offense calls for it. It will be one-on-one after the offensive player receives the pass.
Frame 4
Variation As a variation, the offensive player can cut up to the elbow following the skip pass and play one-on-one from there.
Frame 5
If you want just your post players to do the drill, you can have a post player guarding the coach.  When the post pass is entered, x4 will sprint to the closest elbow before going to double team.
Frame 6
When your guard "digs down" into the post, they will want to have their hands in position to strip the ball, especially if the offensive player has the ball at their waist or below when dribbling. If the offensive player has the ball high, the guard will want to have their hands up so to make it harder for the offensive post to pass out of the double team and possibly get a deflection.


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