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Here are a few pick and roll drills that will help you execute the pick and roll in game-like situations.

Pick and Roll Drill #1

This is a simple, yet critical pick and roll shooting drill that will ensure that you practice game-like shots. Make sure to emphasize proper execution on all of the pick and roll fundamentals.

You will have 2 lines with a coach on the wing. If you have enough players, you can form a 3rd line on the wing with players as well.

1 has a basketball on the wing.

2 cuts from the top and sets a ball screen for 1.

1 executes one of the ball handler options off of the ball screen and shoots.

2 executes one of the screener options off of the ball screen. 2 shoots when the pass is received from the coach.

You can designate ball handler and screener options off of the ball screen or let them choose.

For example, you might say "Ball handler turns down ball screen. Screener executes the pick and pop."

Pick and Roll Drill #2

This is a 2v2 pick and roll drill where our offense will get game-like repetitions and your defense will be challenged. This is a great defensive drill because it makes the defense guard the pick and roll without help defense.

The locations can vary, but in the example to the right, you start with a ball handler on the wing and the screener on the opposite wing / elbow area.

2 sets a ball screen for 1. As soon as 2 cuts to set the screen for 1, the game is live. Players can continue to set ball screens or cut until they score or a change of possession occurs.

You can play to a certain number of points. Playing to 2 or 3 keeps the games intense and quick.

You can also play make-it, take-it or anything else that you think would benefit the team.

Pick and Roll Drill #3

This is a progression to the 2v2 pick and roll drill above.

It is very similar, except now you have added a 3rd offensive player and 3rd defensive player. This will make things more difficult for the offense. At the same time, you get to work on your defensive help rotations.

When dribbling off of the pick, you will have to decide whether to attack the rim, hit to the weakside player, or look for the screener.

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Mike Terlizzi says:
11/13/2018 at 9:31:52 PM


Can you recommend a good screen drill to use against a 3-2 or 2-3 zone?


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Jennifer says:
12/4/2017 at 12:21:41 PM

In Drill #1, are there defenders?

  1 reply  

Jeff says:
12/7/2017 at 8:18:55 AM

No defenders on drill #1. It's designed to get both players shots. That's why the coach is involved as a passer to the roll players. The dribbler and roller get a shot.


RR says:
6/28/2014 at 7:33:55 PM

Variant #1: Have the balls in the middle line; Coach still has their ball. #2 passes to #1 then set the ball screen, rolls to get pass from coach. #1 drives middle for the mid-range jumper or floater

Variant #2: Have both lines line up at half-way, give both lines basketballs. #2 would dribble, pass to coach and screen away. #1 uses #2 screen to drive middle. Coach hits screener for their shot


Paris says:
11/6/2012 at 5:35:36 PM

Im just starting this and this actually gives me inspitation

* If you just started how do you do when you wanna make this fast, What i mean is how can i go from level 1 to dribbling in to shoe level

Vote Obama !


Joe Haefner says:
10/2/2012 at 11:34:59 AM

You got it, JS!


JS says:
10/1/2012 at 10:47:51 PM

So with drill one, player 1 starts with a ball, player 2 executes screen. Player 1 executes a ball handler option and shoots. Player 2 executes a roll option, receives pass from coach, then shoots. So both players end up shooting. Correct?

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Joe Haefner says:
4/16/2012 at 11:28:10 AM

The player on the wing already has a ball. So based on the option that they choose, they will already have a basketball to shoot with.

The coach has a second basketball which allows him to pass to the screener.

And just for clarification, any time the phrase "ball screen" is used, that means that the player who is receiving the screen already has a basketball. That would be player 1 in Drill #1.

I hope that helps with the clarification. Please let us know if it does not.


Joe says:
4/16/2012 at 11:18:01 AM

One ? Who has the ball in the second scenario of Drill One? If a ball screen as described, how does the coach on what would be the weak-side wing make a pass to the screener/roller? Or is scenario 2 simply a weak-side off ball screen with the coach holding the ball and hitting either the cutter or the screener? Really enjoy your tips and drills.

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Henry Ryan says:
3/6/2018 at 9:15:45 PM

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