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This is a staple drill that allows you to develop your offense and work on passing at the same time.   In this drill, your team runs the offense without shots or defense.  This is an effective way to develop your offense, spacing, cutting fundamentals, screening fundamentals, and work on passing at the same time.   In the examples below we will use a 5-out motion.  This same drill can also be used with 4-out and 3-out offenses.   Variation 1 - Pass and Cut
The first variation of this drill starts with basic passing and cutting.   Players start in their 5 out spots.  Or instead of using "spots" we just tell players to fill and space on the the 3pt line.  Then players simply run their offense without taking shots. You want players making good passes, catching in triple threat position, and executing the fine details of your offense.
Frame 1
Players can pass to the left or right. In this example, 1 passes to 2.  1 cuts to the basket.   3 and 5 then replace the open areas.  
Frame 2
1 doesn't get the ball so he fills the open spot in the corner.  2 passes to 3. 
Frame 3
2 cuts to the basket and 4 fills the open area.  2 then clears to the open corner.  
Frame 4
3 passes to 5 and cuts to the basket.  The continuity continues. Points of Emphasis (Pass and Cut)
  • Cut hard all the way to the basket.
  • Look for the ball as you cut.
  • Player with the ball should watch the cutter.
  • No banana (rounded) cuts -- crisp cuts only.
  • Use hand signals when filling so passer knows if you're popping out or back cutting.
Frame 5
Variation 2 - Pass and Screen Away In this example, players will screen away and curl every time they pass the ball.   3 passes to 4.  3 screens away for 5.  5 sets up the screen and then curls to the basket.  
Frame 6
After screening 3 opens up to the ball.  1 fills the open spot.  And 5 clears to the corner.   The screening process can continue as the ball is passed around. Points of Emphasis (Pass and Screen Away)
  • Call out your screen verbally and visually (with fist).
  • Set up your screen.
  • Cutter comes off shoulder to hip.
  • Cutter curls all the way to the backboard and then finds an open spot. 
  • For good timing and quick passing, screener must pop as the screener brushes their shoulder and cuts to ball aggressively (sprint back to the same spot you came from).
Frame 7
Frame 8
More Variations Other variations of the 5 out passing drill include:
  • 2-4 passes (with cuts) and then screen away
  • 2-4 passes (with cuts) and then dribble at
  • 2-4 passes (with cuts) and then post up with laker cut
  • 2-4 passes, dribble penetrate, relocate, and kick.
  • 2-4 passes and ball screen.
  • Players choice - make any cut or screen you want. 
General Points of Emphasis Regardless of the variation used, we look for the following in this drill:
  • Make good passes - crisp and accurate.  This is a passing drill!
  • Catch and face in triple threat.
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Brandon Wilbur says:
12/4/2018 at 12:17:43 PM

Can you please provide the link to variation 2, 3, so on...


Kevin says:
3/24/2016 at 8:19:55 PM

Any video available that shows variation 2?

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Jeff Haefner says:
3/25/2016 at 9:18:54 AM

Sorry. We don't have a video showing that at the moment.


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